Friday, May 27, 2011

What Friday hasn't told you about the time she met Daniel Radcliffe

I want to second what Carlyn said, I really like our blog too!

I also wanted to briefly discuss punishments... I don't want to be difficult/lame/evade punishment, but where do we stand on our ability to veto a punishment? I'm speaking in terms of if they make someone really uncomfortable/anxious/panicked. Specifically (for me) the idea of handing out things to strangers who didn't already ask for whatever it is I'm handing out... just the thought of it gives me a slight anxiety attack. I had to do that once for a psychology class (an in-class experiment) and I just froze up in a state of panic and someone else had to do it... :/ I don't want to wiggle my way out of a punishment by any means, but just the thought of doing something involving strangers makes me nauseous. I feel bad requesting this though, so perhaps whatever you have me do will just be super embarrassing, ridiculous, or something along those lines.

Anyway, onto more fun topics: all your stories have been really fun to read! I hope you enjoy mine as well. :) (I'll also be using asterisks like you guys did.)

Today I'd like to tell everyone about the day I spent with Daniel Radcliffe. I believe I've mentioned before that I went to the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park with some of my best friends on June 18, 2010*. Well, I was not entirely upfront about the events of that day. We arrived at the theme park at the early hour of 5 pm, just as the sun was rising*. The air was already heavy with humidity, as is the case with Florida summers. There were probably about 100 people there with us as we waited at the main gates and we ended up being let into the park two hours before their official opening time*. They rounded us into the amphitheater at the back of the park, right next to where WWoHP had been built and we waited there for about half an hour, when they then led us into the park (!!!) to be in the background of the Today show as they interviewed the cast*. Well, flash forward a little bit, we watched the interview and then were escorted back out of the park to wait at the entrance for the grand opening ceremony, when fireworks would go off and they'd pull down the big banner*. At 9 am we finally got to officially enter the park, go on the rides, eat at The Three Broomsticks, drink Butterbeer, in general- enjoy ourselves, which we did!*

It was around 11 am that my day took an odd, but exciting, turn. While attempting to find the ATM, I took a wrong turn down an alley which ended up leading to the "behind the scenes" area of the park. I got all turned around, couldn't find my way out, and ended up taking a door which I thought would lead back to Hogsmeade. I instead ended up in a back room with a sofa and bowls of snacks set up, I briefly wondered who they were for*, but was quickly distracted by the bathroom right across the room. Past the point of caring whose bathroom it was, I used it. After getting that over with, I was free to look around and wonder where exactly I was. I was standing in the middle of the room, looking around with a confused look on my face, when I heard someone approaching up the hallway. I didn't have any time to move when the person arrived in the room.... and it was Daniel Radcliffe. I was in his makeshift dressing room. He froze and looked at me in a confused "should I be afraid, are you crazy?" way and I froze and looked at him in a "I'm completely mortified, but also really excited" way. After an awkward pause, I explained in a shaky, nervous voice that I'd gotten lost and was so embarrassed and sorry and would leave now. He was so nice though, he introduced himself and we talked a bit about the crazy day and how much fun the park was. After about half an hour I got a call from my friends wondering where I was and if the Deatheaters had gotten me. I hadn't realized that half an hour had already gone by and I told them I'd be back to meet them soon. This isn't some story of a clandestine meeting with my favorite actor in which we suddenly fall in love and promise to see each other again as soon as possible. I just thanked him for being so nice and said that I enjoyed talking with him, asked for a picture with him (he obliged) and then headed off to find my friends and enjoy the rest of the park. It was all so crazy and exciting, but also just... normal.

I'm going to be in NYC this summer to see him in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and I'm hoping to run into him again to say hello, we'll see if he recognizes me!

And that's the story of how I met Daniel Radcliffe!**

**Please don't sue me Dan, everyone here knows it's not completely true!


  1. When I met Emma, we DID become best good friends. I guess I'm just lucky. ; D

    (for M-Th, I never really met her)