Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wait, It's Thursday again?

The weeks fly by really fast when I know that once of week I have to find the time to sit down and type something that 14 (awesome) people read (but still enought to keep me motivated!). I'm glad all of you are having mostly awesome weeks, when, alas, mine wasn't very good at all. My grandpa passed away Monday morning, and his funeral is this coming Monday. I will be unable to attend because I'm at military training and unable to get weekdays off, but I'm very fortunate to be able to go home for the weekend and see most of my family for a day or two. This will actually be the first time seeing my sisters in almost two years (just wish it was under better circumstances).

I really can't think of anything else to write about, so I think I shall leave you all with two riddles.

The First Riddle:

As I was going to St Ives
I met a man with seven wives
Every wife had seven sacks
Every sack had seven cats
Every cat had seven kittens
Kittens, cats, sacks, wives
How many were going to St Ives?

The Second Riddle:

You are given a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug in front of a fountain. Measure out exactly 4 gallons of water.

Now, solve them or God kills a kitten (one of the ones belonging to the wives' sacks' cats).

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. :(

    To your riddles, the first has no indication that the man or any of his entourage are also heading to St. Ives, so I would presume only one (yourself). To the second, fill the five gallon jug. Pour three gallons into the three gallon jug. Dump the water out, then pour in the other two gallons from the five gallon jug. Fill up the five gallon jug again. Pour one gallon into the three gallon jug (hence filling it) and you are left with four gallons. Of course, it could never be exact, since you'd be spilling water all over the place, but still.