Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Can Never Leave Her Computer

I'll start today with a humorous anecdote about my Sunday. My internet went out, I panicked as per usual (I have an addiction and I know it, no need to stage an intervention). After fiddling with the router for about ten minutes, though, my internet had safely returned. I immediately refresh my tumblr, previously filled with images of my high school friends talking about how cute Dean and Castiel of Supernatural are together (I don't know, either), and upon refreshing, it's just a good twenty pages of "OMG OSAMA BIN LADEN DIED". Conclusion? I can't quit you, internet. I leave for ten minutes and BREAKING NEWS INSTANTLY EMERGES.

To Cassie, projects sound cool. No other comment at this time.

I don't have any real topic to discuss, honestly. I guess I can just jumble together a few random thoughts in a non-coherent fashion and let the post just fizzle out of existence. Sound good to you guys?

Those are my wedding rings. They're being fitted (hence why they are seen here on our pinkies), but there they are. I didn't really want diamonds, at first, but they were a good price, they matched, and they weren't too... gaudy, I suppose. Now I just need to get all of the paperwork done and figure out what to do with crockery, and I'm set. As an aside, I can't find a way to rent plates, forks, linens, etc. for less than $1,000. There is no politically correct way for me to express my thoughts on this issue.

I bought a Kindle in the past week. Amazon is amazing, so I didn't have time to inform you of this last week. I decided I would like one after I had made my post, and it arrived before I could make this one. I have mostly been reading public domain books, because (a) I mostly read old books, and (b) they are all free in the Kindle store. It's a big pile of win, in my humble opinion. I bought a couple of other books, too, just to test it out, and I like the kindle. It doesn't feel like a book, but it definitely reads like one, and for me, that is enough.

As per usual, I have also been writing. Maybe I should tell you guys what I write. It would probably make much more sense when I reference it again in the future if you know what the hell I am talking about. Basically, it is a high fantasy, quasi-exploration story. There is a plot, but it is low key and very character-oriented. It is about an elven king, Theodore, traveling through his kingdom with his loved ones (and sister; he only just met her), learning about the diversity of his people and the impact of the lord of the West, and his decision to either help this 'dark lord' or destroy him. It's a quiet novel, lots of character and introspection, but there isn't too much action. What action there is, though, is usually about sacrifice of some sort. The two big battles of the book have one character destroying the bond between himself and his father, and the other has my protagonist lose his arm.

I am writing this post a day in advance, by the way, as I have much to do on Tuesday and can't guarantee the time needed to get this written. I'll let this end now by saying that I'm making chicken parmesan for dinner with a new chicken recipe. My fiance is working late hours and doesn't get back until 10 for the next couple of weeks, so I guess I'll have to get used to late night dinners. :) See you soon, Carlyn.

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