Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Doesn't Really Have a Bucket List :P

Oh me and my contrariness.

I am nineteen, twenty later this year, and if there is one thing I know for sure, it is that nothing I know now and nothing that I aspire for now is guaranteed to be the case next year, five years from now, or anywhere near my - hopefully far, far away - death. For this reason, I don't think heavily about the distant future. I think about in terms of finance and practicality; I ensure that I am saving money and keeping money to pay rent and pay for groceries and pay my fiance's student loans. But thinking ahead much further than that? I don't see the point.

That in mind, I do have things that - in an abstract, and perhaps temporary sense - I would like to do at some point in the not quite imminent but likely close future. In the lack of alternative things to discuss, I shall list those.

1) Publish my novel. I've already written one - I've written loads, truthfully - but rewriting, drafting, editing, it is pretty wearing. My current project has gone farther than any before it, but it is still hard to see the end. Still, my goal is publication.

2) Go to culinary school. I would already be in culinary school if my father believed I would enjoy it; I don't necessarily think I will, but I both want certification and want to feel productive. I couldn't do university because I knew I would end up doing law or teaching and neither of those had a thing to do with what I was learning. I couldn't stand it. I love to cook, and though I doubt I'd love to learn how to cook, I'd at least feel like I was learning something worthwhile and stick with it. Also, it's only 6 months.

3) Become a Canadian resident. This one will hopefully fall through by Christmas, because if it doesn't, that could be quite troubling. I am an American - a New Yorker, to be specific - and I am marrying a wonderful Canuck as you have no doubt gathered. I am... was?... here on a student visa, but as of May 1st, I am no longer a student. I am out of UBC, and though my visa lasts me another year, I am by all rights no longer here. I am getting married before summer's end, and hopefully that will let me become a resident with little fuss, but it could be quite the pain. I don't know what I will do if I get denied residency.

4) Get a part time job. I've never worked before, not really. I've done freelance work as a magazine editor, but that was under the table pay and easy work. I know my fiance can support us, but it would be paycheck to paycheck, and I would like to have a bit of money to spare.

5) Find that darn bottle of Advil. Seriously, I have cramps and I can't find it in the medicine cabinet or the cupboards. :/

@Cassie, I like the idea of photodocumentation of a week, though I would have to go buy a camera for that. Also, every picture would be of my room, my laptop, my fiance's computer with Civ 5 opened, and the kitchen in states of increasing disarray.

@All of you, thanks for the compliments on the rings! <3

@Carlyn, At least is isn't Sam and Dean. :P

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