Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Presents a Challenge!

Phew... Glad we got that glitch out of the way! Darned internets...

Awesome bucket lists, everyone! I love what such lists tell us about people.

Christina: A real elephant graveyard! And my tulip field thing sprouted (pun intended) from a visit I took to Scotland when I was 16. It was quite incredible.

Casey: I hope you liked Thor!! I've seen it twice, and it's just awesome.

Cassie: I agree with your soapbox. I'm quite new to the theater world, so I haven't seen much in the way of youth theater. But what I've seen has blown me away, and I am consistently astonished by the kids I do encounter, in whatever they do. They are amazing.

Alexandra: I also agree with your soapbox. I haven't done much reading up on polygamy (and all its iterations), beyond that which I learned in anthropology classes, but just like anything, it can be done right. People ought to have the right to love whomever they like, in whatever form they like.

My soapbox: Suicide. I'm afraid that, while my thoughts on suicide are thorough, they are not many; I won't be able to write too much. But I will do my best to convey them.

Suicide is selfish, cowardly, shortsighted, and devastating. There's not much more I can say about that. Completed suicide ruins the lives that are left. It forces loved ones to rebuild entire foundations.

But even worse than that, it reflects that the people who complete it have lost hope. That is quite literally the saddest thing I can think of. I hate that people can cause that lack of hope in others, and I hate that people's own life circumstances can cause it without outside intervention.

However, I do feel that assisted suicide is justifiable in cases of irreparable decreased quality of life.

Sorry this is so short! If I come up with anything additional, I will edit this post (and mark edits as such).

Ok! Here's my challenge, due in Week 13. I expect reports!:

Spend at least four hours by yourself in a public place. And during that time, do something you wouldn't normally do. Interpret this as you will :)

Good luck, y'all! Can't wait to see your blogs in the coming weeks and reports on the challenge :D


  1. Eww, public places. Is the idea that we write about what we did that day, or that we take pictures? Because I'd have to start that day by buying a camera, if it's the latter.

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a written set of thoughts, but feel free to use pictures instead if you want! And it doesn't have to be crowded-public. It could be a city park or something.