Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday likes buckets!

Casey: I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather : ( On a lighter note, your riddles are very riddle-y! I agree with Alexandra’s assessment of the second one (in a comment on your post).

Christina: Violin! Cool! We string players know where it’s at : )

Cassie: I’m glad to hear your kids did well! I wish I could have seen them. And great bucket list (since others’ assessments of our goals are important, of course).

Alexandra: I hope you get your residency!! Methinks that would make things much easier. And now that I’ve thought about it, Dean and Castiel makes more sense than a lot of potential pairings in Supernatural…

And now… my bucket list!!

-Rebuild an old car
-Visit an elephant graveyard
-Experience real, blissful, ridiculous love
-Survive the beginning of that love to see it through to the end of life
-Write a pop-up book
-Write descriptions for a catalog
-Sit in a tulip field in Scotland
-Go on a trip of all the major art museums in the world (Chicago, NYC, Louvre, etc.)
-Get or learn acupuncture
-Hold a patent
-Learn another language fluently
-Drive stick
-Experience urban exploration
√ Play in a bell choir (thanks Cassie!!!)
-Go to cosmetology school (or at least learn to cut hair)
-Visit a house with secret passageways

That’s what I’ve got so far. I add to it all the time, and I’m always doing things that I didn’t realize I’d always wanted to do until I did them (if that makes any sense??). I also only included (with a couple exceptions) items that can be completed, as opposed to constantly developed. Those are a different, more enduring kind of goals, I think, and not quite what bucket lists are intended for (mine, anyway).

I'm loving this topic. Can't wait to see the rest of folks' bucket lists!!

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