Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday's life is alot of fun.

Hello, blogmates!

Christina: Congratulations on graduating!!

Cassie: Your bibliophilia amazes me, Wielder of the Red Pen. And I think a big project is a great idea!

Alexandra: Dean and Castiel? You have weird friends. :P And gorgeous wedding rings!! They’re amazing.

How it’s going:

This week has been a vaguely out-of-the-norm one. I guess I’ll go through the rather momentous occasions…

First of all, I switched to a new planner! I can never find any that suit my crazy-specific organizational needs, so I always make my own, always out of notebooks by designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (they used to be sold in my University bookstore, but now I have to buy them online). Every day has its own page, with times down the left side in half-hour increments starting at 9 am and going to 10 pm. Every month has its own page as well, with dates and a little grid calendar at the bottom with holiday dates written in purple and the lunar cycle written in green. Anyway, my previous planner ran out in April, so I pulled out my new one that I started hand-writing in March. It’s quite rewarding, to be just as perfectly organized as one wants. : )

Both of my fraternities had their formal dances this weekend, one the night before the other. First was Sigma Alpha Iota, an international professional women’s fraternity. The formal was pretty okay; most of my friends in my graduating class weren’t there, so it was slightly lackluster.

However, my honorary theater fraternity’s masquerade was the next night. It was one of the highlights of my year. Though I pledged this semester (yes, my last semester), I was unable to be initiated for various reasons. However, at Masque, I was made an honorary member! I cried when they announced it. I’m especially proud of this:

It is an alot. Alot of love, to be exact! A dear friend (who is also my Big) made him for me as a congratulatory gift for my honorary membership. If you don’t know what an alot is, please click this link:

All in all, Masque was a smashing success. I’ve gotten to spend time since then with some of the more remarkable people in the group, and I adore them quite thoroughly.

This week has been finals week. I had 1.5 finals—that is, one written French final and one oral French final, and one final paper to write. Everything was done by 10:07 yesterday. And now I am DONE. I graduate Saturday!

My mother called me the other day and said that, while my family would (of course!) be going to lunch after commencement, it didn’t seem like enough. So we’ve decided to go to the zoo, or, if it rains, the art museum. : )

For now, I’m finishing data entry for one of my psych labs and trying to feed myself on McDonalds gift cards until money should happen to re-insert itself into my life. And what a life it is!

Casey, catch ya on the flip side!

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