Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday says hi

Cassie: I love thinking about writing the way you talk about it. I hardly fancy myself much of a writer (we’ve all read my not-so-fan fiction), but I’m going into counseling, which can be a lot like writing in the way you conceive of it. I’m helping people write their life stories; it’s not up to me to dictate any of it. I have to help them tease apart their own life’s intricacies.

Alexandra: I hope you’re in the clear! Being sick is no fun. Also, I love your challenge! I’ve been trying to teach myself to cook, with varying degrees of success. I’m excited to get started : )

So my life right now!

It was a really good week. I had my university’s fall break Monday and Tuesday, so, combined with the weekend and the fact that I don’t have classes on Fridays, I got to spend a miraculous six nights in my undergradtown. It was quite nice! I got to see a bunch of friends and, most happily, spend a good deal of time with my lovely and incredible girlfriend. I also managed to get some (read: minimal amounts of) work done on a couple projects for school!

That leads me to my classes. Things are about to get super crazy. I have four classes, and each class has at least one major project due within about the next month. That means a metric crapton of reading. I’m really enjoying the reading, but it’s just a bit intimidating. Once I get all the background literature read, I’ll be able to write with very little further drama.

Wish me luck! Hope you’re all doing well : )

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