Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vendredi est ici!

Hello again everyone!

I am currently at the library using the free wifi to update before heading back for dinner. My internet situation will (hopefully) be improved November 3rd when I'm having my own internet connection installed. After that (hypothetically) I should have as much unrestricted internet access as I want!

So as to prevent my post on Friday (internet access willing) from being exorbitantly long, I'm posting my missed topics now! Okay? Okay!

So, ghosts. I'm afraid my take on this won't be too exciting. No, I don't believe in ghosts. And I also don't watch scary movies, so I don't have much to add to that either! Despite not believing in ghosts, scary movies still terrify me, so I stopped watching them about four years ago and have never looked back. The last horror movie I saw was the remake of Amityville Horror and that was quite enough for me, thanks. Oh! I will add though that I'm going to be seeing The Woman in Black to support Dan Radcliffe. I'm already stealing myself for it even though it will be months until I subject myself to the terror. I had to watch the trailer through my fingers. So. It will be a good time. Yes.

Seasons! My favorite seasons are also transitional seasons: spring and fall, with fall in the lead. Fall has been my favorite season for years and years. Michigan fall is the best (though I have nothing to compare it with, if I'm being honest). The leaves are so pretty and on those crisp but sunny days it's wonderful. It's a tradition amongst my group of friends to go to the cider mill early in fall when the leaves are changing but the weather is still nice. It's one of my favorite parts of the year, I look forward to it year round. I'm really glad I got to go this fall before leaving for France! So far French fall hasn't been as nice as Michigan fall and that's a bit disappointing. The North of France really shows its proximity to London in the amount of rain we get here. It is very rainy and chilly. Chilly chilly chilly. The radiators in the residence hall were thankfully turned on about a week ago (they were originally going to wait until November), but it is still freezing in the rooms. And the school I teach at hasn't even turned the heating on yet! They're going to wait until after vacation (we have a vacation coming up October 21- November 2, but that's a topic for JAB), which means that the classrooms and especially the teachers' lounge and computer room are FREEZING. Whinewhinewhine, I know. But seriously guys, it's cold. My favorite parts of fall are the leaves, the crispness in the air, apple cider, and pumpkin everything. Hot non-alcoholic apple cider does not exist in France and this makes me very sad. Every French person I've asked has been very confused when I ask if they drink hot cider here. I just want some cider, it's not fall without cider! And pumpkin treats are also missing. Whereas in the good old US there is pumpkin EVERYWHERE the minute September rolls around, the only pumpkin to be found in France is still in its original form and not ready to eat. Very disappointing. :(

Alright, I've got some tv shows loaded up on my laptop and this update under my belt, it's time to head back for dinner! Oh, and Cassie- I have no forgotten about your craft! I have started on it, now I just need to find paints/some sort of decorations to finish it and then I'll post it. :)

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  1. You should likely consider steeling yourself too.