Monday, October 10, 2011

"And so she changes seasons . . ."

". . . it's Mother Earth's routine. Green to brown, brown to white, white back into green, she changes clothes and puts on something clean." *continues humming and bobbing head*

Tom Chapin's children's songs? Anyone? Anyone? No? Okay.

Christina! Fantastic to hear from you! I think we can be lenient given the circumstances. :)

Hey girls! It’s Monday!

So, seasons! This won’t be long, because I have a crew assignment sheet, list of house manager guidelines, and program to finish before noon, but here we go! (I have a show going into tech today, yay!!!)

Winter: God, I hate winter. I hate it. I like to look at it; it’s beautiful, but I’d just as soon not experience it if it’s all the same to you. Especially Bowling Green winter. Bone-chilling wind? Frequent sub-zero temperatures? Tons of snow? Yeah, screw that. I like snow for nine days: Christmas Eve to New Years’ Day. After that, winter can get directly out of my seasonal periphery, thank you very much.

Summer: I enjoy summer, for the most part. Again, it’s this Midwest thing I hate. I will take a dry 95 degrees over a humid 80 any day, though I’d be lying if I said 75 degrees wasn’t my first choice either way. But I love cookouts and swimming and being able to hang around outside and getting sunburnt and feeling the grass beneath my feet. It’s when I feel like I’m breathing through a wet towel when I do all those things that I start to wish for fall.

Spring: My favorite seasons are definitely spring and fall, the transitioning seasons. Sadly, Ohio barely gets a spring. It’s winter until about mid April, spring for maybe a week, and then, bam! Welcome to Ohio humidity! But while it lasts, I love it. Spring symbolism (rebirth, new life, etc) and spring thunderstorms are wonderful things. I used to hate spring because it meant tornadoes when I lived in Illinois, but it’s grown on me since we moved to Ohio.

Fall: Probably my favorite season. I love the changing colors, the cooling days, the smell of September, and having an excuse to eat pumpkin-flavored everything! Again, we don’t get much of it in Ohio, but my favorite day of the year is probably the day I walk outside and know that fall has arrived. Now if I could only get all that without the ragweed allergies, we’d be all set!

And speaking of sets, I’ve got work to do, so Monday out!

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