Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's face goes all a'splody

Hello, girls! It's Monday!

Alexandra: Yes, indeed, hooray NaNo! And not-so-yay cooking challenge . . . this could get interesting . . . But I look forward to NaNo updates throughout November. :)

Carlyn: At least you don't think I'm crazy. Because I've gotten that reaction to my approach to writing before.

Christina: Huzzah for sporadic and random posts! Seriously, it keeps things interesting. :) It sounds like you're having a great time in France -- and I completely understand about only wanting to teach certain students. I was an education major for about a year and a half before I changed it, and honestly, a lot of why I changes was because I want very badly to teach the students who wanted to learn, but I knew I would have no patience with the ones who didn't! So more power to you!

Also, a follow up from last week: I will be writing Deliverance's story. I have no idea where it's going to go, like at all, but that's what I'll be writing. I will keep you on informed as November goes along.

And now for this week's topic.

. . . Um, yeah. Okay. So, basically, I am allergic to any an every kind of dander and pollen. If it's a plant or has fur or feathers, I can't go near it without taking super strong prescription allergy drugs. Otherwise, my face goes all a'splody (That's pronounced just the way it looks, by the way.). As my boyfriend so perfectly put it when asked if he didn't have pets because his apartment wouldn't allow it, "My apartment is pet-friendly. My girlfriend is not."

Couple this with the fact that I grew up in parsonages that didn't belong to my family and the Board of Trustees was usually against having things there that would tear up the baseboards and carpet and yard, and the end of the equation is: Monday didn't really have pets.

There was a hermit crab named Murgatroyd that I owned for about seven months when I was eight or so. I got him on a Girl Scout trip to COSI. Then there was the semi-aquatic frog named Thaddeus that I had when I was nine, also from a Girl Scout trip to COSI. I had him from a tadpole. Then he turned into a frog and promptly died.

And then there were the goldfish. We had goldfish for a really long time. From, like, the age of eight through high school. And for a while, I was really excited about the goldfish. And by a while, I mean pretty much until the first one died. Then I was kind of over it because they didn't live very long and you couldn't really play with them and so all they did was swim and poop and eat and occasionally eat each other. Which, okay, that was pretty exciting when it happened. But for the most part, the fish were really my mom's project, and my little brother's.

So, yeah. Monday had goldfish. Because they didn't make me sneeze.

Oh, and Monday had a little brother. So there was that.

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