Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Likes Living In Places Without Seasons

The change in seasons just gives me the sniffles, to be quite honest. I can't say that I really have a favourite season, otherwise. I grew up in New York, where the seasons went to their extremes. When it was cold, it was below 0, and we often got two or three blizzards, full of snow days, cancelled flights (my husband ended up missing a week of work last winter when we visited by family for Christmas), and shovelling the drive way. A little snow is nice, but I don't care much for the icy roads and back breaking labour. When it was hot, it was barely under 90 in the dead of the night and my pale skin burned and I didn't want to be outside. I can't say I care for shorts or skirts - I have big thighs, and it's just not comfy - so having to wear jeans in 100 degree weather is not my idea of fun.

Around here, in Vancouver, it rarely goes over 80 and never goes under 30. So I quite like it here. The snow is never debilitating, though people around here are far less used to it and overreact when there's an inch or two of snow. It's never painfully hot, though the lack of AC in most Vancouver homes can be murder. It's not perfect, but the lack of range is very comfortable. Given that spring tends to start before the blizzards end, and that it brings in the allergy season, I am going to have to go on ahead and say that my favourite season is Autumn. Not really sure why. My birthday is in summer (technically), my favourite holiday is in winter (Christmas, for the record), and I rarely liked returning to school, particularly in these past few years when I saw more of my friends over the summer. Still, I like the temperature, I like the weather, I like the lack of allergens, and Halloween ain't too shabby.

Also, I love pumpkin pie. So it's all good.

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