Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday briefly has internet access!

*slinks into frame* Helloooooo

I'm writing this very quickly in between observing classes at the school I'm teaching at. I don't have reliable internet where I'm living yet (at a student residence for the engineering university here... French dorms are different, you can live in them even if you don't go to school there), so I finally got access to the computer room and work and found some time to give you guys a quick update! Anyway, the internet at my new home is really restricted and is limited to about 2 hours a day (I know... what??), so I haven't been able to blog yet, I hope you all will understand and be nice...! *puppy face* As soon as I pay my rent (today!) I'm going to start working on getting my own internet connection in my room so that I can have as much internet as I want and go to all the sites that I want (I'm dreadfully behind on all my shows). I'll also be able to buy supplies to do the challenge! It's not that I don't have enough money to get them now, it's that I can only withdraw so much money per day from my American account and all that money has to go towards my rent for now, and my French account isn't ready yet. As soon as I pay that rent today I can use the leftovers to buy things elementary things like scissors and paint and get all crafty. It feels very weird to actually need to go out and buy such simples things like scissors and glue.

My first two weeks of work are classroom observations and I'm in my second week as of today. I'm observing another class in half an hour, so I should be going to get ready for that! Also, French keyboards are confusing and hard to get used to- typing this took a lot longer than it normally would have. That last sentence alone took about five tries to get right.

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