Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday likes crunchy leaves.

Christina: My goodness, how exciting and new things must be! I’m so excited to hear all about your travels.

Cassie: Ditto on the cold of BG winters… ::shudder::

Alexandra: Vancouver weather sounds simply heavenly. Sign me up. I’ll bring my own air conditioner.

As for my thoughts on seasons…

My favorites are, like Cassie’s, the transition seasons. I’ve never lived anywhere that didn’t alternate between ice storms and heat waves, which sucked but made for an acute appreciation of the “nice weather” days.

The most beautiful time of year, in my opinion, is the very beginning of spring, those first days when you don’t necessarily have to wear a coat outside and the sun shines on your face through a brisk breeze. The day you can first smell spring—that’s the most lovely day of the year.

A close second, though, is around this time in fall. It can still get pretty warm, but the leaves are all turning and everywhere you look is resplendent beauty. I’m also a HUGE proponent of leaf crunching as a pastime. Last year, at the end of fall, my mother gave me a twig with several dry, crunchy-looking leaves on it and told me to save it for when there were no more leaves on the ground to crunch. I did. They were very crunchy.

While I would love to have temperate weather year-round, I think its acquisition would mean the forfeit of my favorite times of year. It would be wonderful to be comfortable at all times, but then I wouldn’t appreciate the privilege that comes with leaf-crunching season and sun-breeze combinations. The face-melting heat and heart-stopping cold make it all worth it. : )

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