Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday apologizes for her poor attendance

Hello again! Sorry for being late... the internet in my room is cut off and I couldn't blog yesterday or today so I'm at the library quickly writing up a post before they close in... 8 minutes now. Okay, so here we go!

This was the first week that I actually talk students on my own: my own room, no teachers. It went well overall, I think. There are of course those few problem students who try to show off in front of their friends and are just difficult in general, and also those students who want nothing to do with school and make it well known that they don't want to be there by sulking in the corner and giving you a blank stare whenever you ask them to do so much as lift their pencil. But then there are the good students who love learning English, put effort into class, talk to you, and are overall just the best. I just love those students, I wish I could teach just them. I'm sure most all teachers feel this way... you teach for those students who want to learn and try to turn the other students into the former.

Also, I'm on vacation now! We have October 22-November 2 for La Toussaint (All Saints' Day). I'm going to be in Paris October 28-November 2 to visit my friend Sarah who lives there and before that Anna (another assistant who lives in the res hall) and I are thinking about going to Belgium (either Brussels or Bruges), so we're going to research and hopefully plan that today and tomorrow, then maybe be there Monday-Wednesday or so!

Let's see... what else can I say in two minutes? Oh, last night I went to a party! The theme was "dress as something that starts with a P" and I was a panda. It was the closest we Americans are going to get to Halloween here. It was enjoyable, but not as good as American Halloween. Okay, I have to go, I'm getting looks from the librarian who clearly wants to pack up and go home.


  1. Do you have pictures of the panda costume? Have fun in Bruges/Brussels! I'm imagining you're writing in the Hogwarts Library and Madame Pince is staring you down, affronted about something you're doing!