Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Honestly Has Nothing To Say :p

@Cassie, yay, NaNo! What's your username? (I'm Ophiucha.) I've been living on the forums for the past month, basically. :p And I'm torn between working on a worldbuilding project I have and working on my NaNo, so I think this November is going to a bit blind for me, since I've dedicated little to no time to planning it.

Anyway, not much is new with me. Still waiting for my residency things to clear out for the time being. Paid off my Disney World vacation for this Christmas. Worked on the aforementioned worldbuilding project ('tis about a world where sound is magic - taken to the logical and necessary extremes I tend to take these things to). My husband and mother-in-law were sick all week, so that was fun. I don't seem to be sick, but I'll give myself another day before I say I am in the clear.

I notice that it is week 32, which means it's about a month until you are all subjected to the unimaginable horror that is my challenge. It's a good week, really. Either the week of or the week before Thanksgiving (though I can't be bothered to pull up a calendar right now to figure out which it is - partially because I've already had my Thanksgiving, since I live in Canada and we celebrate it on Columbus Day). Probably the week of. Given the holiday and my own passion for food, I think it is only fair that I give you all a culinary challenge! Here's the rules.

Ophiucha's Culinary Challenge

  1. You must cook a meal for both yourself and at least one other human being. It can't be a can of soup, anything microwaveable, a box of Kraft Mac n' Cheese, etc., etc. The more you do from scratch, the better.
  2. You must cook something savoury, which means no brownies, cookies, cakes, or candies. I know how my generation is, "I like to cook! Look at my gluten-free brownies!" Nah-ah. You're making a meal, no treats, snacks, or desserts.
  3. Other than that, there are no rules. You can make anything from bread to a roasted chicken, and you can make something that isn't cooked (like a salad) as long as you put some effort into it. 
Have fun!

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  1. Cooking??? You're just getting back at me for the crafts now, aren't you?

    And yay NaNo! I'm Realmer06 over there, and I've been living on the forums, too, much more than I should be, given the number of writing things I must complete for work and whatnot before November begins . . .