Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday has few words, but much (little?) belief

Casey: Come back to us!

Christina: Hope you’re doing ok!

Cassie: No shenanigans! I came up with the idea all by myself : )

I believe it is entirely possible that aliens exist, potentially even sentient ones. We’ll find them sometime.

In terms of ghosts and the paranormal, we see what we want to see. And right now, we know little enough about the world that there are unexplainable things that manifest as paranormal. I’m not sure we’ll ever get to the point in our society’s knowledge that we understand enough to disprove all the things that we currently comprehend best as superstition. But we might. I think, given enough time, we will be able to find material explanations for every single thing that happens in our universe.

I have had paranormal experiences that, at the time, I promised myself I would never doubt the authenticity of. Once, when I was at a several-dozen-thousand-person conference, I felt a hand on my shoulder and didn’t see anyone’s hand there when I turned around. It was quite eerie, and it was a spiritual conference, so I attributed it at the time to the hand of God. I have since doubted the authenticity of this experience. I no longer believe in God or souls, really, and I’m pretty sure someone just moved their hand.

Also, and importantly, I am prepared to be completely wrong in everything I have ever thought and believed. So that’s fun.


  1. Mmmmhmmmm . . .

    Just a reminder, you have topic duty for the next four weeks (but 32 is a JAB week, so three weeks). 31, 33, and 34 are yours!

  2. Ah, right! I shall be Facebooking them to you--is this acceptable?