Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday is for the birds

Casey: Ants suck.

Christina: What an awesome trip! That must have been quite an experience, and you got to share such a good tradition with friends. Awesome. Also… Fruit Ninja is AWESOME.

Cassie: What a great charity. Cancer affects us all, healthy siblings more than most. I’m glad to know that an organization like that exists. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Alexandra: Props for all that consideration and research. There’s a lot out that there that needs charitized… but it’s tough to find one.

For my own charity challenge, I knew immediately what I would choose. The day before the challenge was issued, I was visiting friends and we found a tiny baby bird on the doorstep. Its eyes were still closed and it was quite featherless. We promptly built it a nest out of a Tupperware container, fed it shredded wet cat food, and named it Winston Chirphill. Of course, it was quite late at night (because that’s when all the baby birds come out to play [?]), so we called and left messages with as many nature preserves as we could find. In the morning, after twelve hours of incessant chirping and near-constant feeding, I got a call from Nature’s Nursery. They could take Winston Chirphill! My most excellent girlfriend and I made a mild roadtrip of dropping him off.

Nature’s Nursery is a small wildlife center in my state. Its goals, from the website, are “to improve the well-being of [local] wildlife populations and habitat through public education and rehabilitation of injured, ailing, and orphaned wildlife with an emphasis on coexistence.” I am of the viewpoint that humans expand. It’s what we do. We encroach and do all sorts of other human activities. But that doesn’t mean we have to hurt our planet or its inhabitants. Nature’s Nursery is dedicated to improving how we interact with our wildlife, and I think it’s a great idea. I have a pretty serious admiration and adoration for my local fauna, and that is in large part due to the education I received as a child at my own home nature preserves.

I chose to donate to Nature’s Nursery because (a) I hope Winston Chirphill is doing well, (b) it is small enough that my donation will make a direct impact in what NN will be able to do, and (c) I want future children (and adults, etc.) to be able to understand how they can best interact with their world.

In terms of my punishment… Cassie, I think you are fair. Everyone can look forward to next Wednesday’s post including another exciting installment of "Why the #@!% Is Bella Flying?".

Pleasantest days to you all!

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