Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday got a little distracted at one point . . .

Good morn— evening, girls, it’s Monday! (I’m writing this later in the day than usual, can you tell?)

Alexandra: I hope all the preparations for your wedding are going well and that you’re not too stressed out to enjoy the day! We will not see you tomorrow, but will hopefully see you later this week! :)

Carlyn: . . . you keep cheating on this punishment . . . know that I will get you eventually! :P

Christina: I was never on HPANA, but I got to be a pretty big name on HP Requiem (a Harry/Ginny forum) before they shut it down. I’d spend hours there when I was younger, defending Dumbledore and Ron/Hermione, and speculating like crazy about our favorite couple. I was so upset when — AAAAAH TANGLED IS ON NETFLIX MY BOYFRIEND AND I JUST DISCOVERED THIS I AM SO EXCITED!!!! — they decided to shut the forum down after book six, because they claimed there was nothing more for us to do. Grrr....

But a perfect segue, that, into this week’s topic! Our online haunts.

I’m a very cyclical online presence, meaning that I have a series of websites that I visit every day in the same order, and I don’t venture much outside that list. I spend far less time on the Internet than I used to (see above about spending hours on a Harry/Ginny forum). These days, I check both my email accounts and Facebook, naturally, but the places where I’m actually a presence are connected to the things I spend most of my time doing.

I’ve had a Livejournal account for a few years now, but I’ve been actively using it for the past two or so. My username is Realmer06 (long story, that), and while I will very infrequently talk about my real life or, somewhat more frequently, direct my handful of readers over here to see what we’re up to, I use it mainly for monthly book review posts and for my fanfiction.

Because I write fanfiction. I will stand up and declare it (if I haven’t already here – I honestly don’t remember) proudly: I write fanfiction. Again, my author name is Realmer06, and I stick to Harry Potter, mostly. I write very infrequently about Harry himself, choosing instead to focus my time and interests on characters more on the fringe. I have written about everyone from Dean Thomas to Luna to Neville to Lavender to Petunia to Peter Pettigrew and back again. I love writing NextGen stories (Rose/Scorpius is my beloved pairing because come on, it is FAR too perfect not to happen!!), and my friend Maggie and I just sat down on our road trip and hammered out our preferred chronology of the Weasley grandchildren.

So, clearly, another hangout for me is, though it has become more just an easy place to house my work. I very rarely read fanfiction anymore – no time – and my writing of it is incredibly sporadic. I just put up my story about Draco and Astoria, and three will follow in quick succession by the end of October, but that’s because I sign up for fests in the summer and the friends I write for have birthdays in the fall, so they all come due at the same time.

Continuing in the writerly strain, I visit the NaNoWriMo site and forums pretty regularly, more as we get closer to November, of course. This will be my second year doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, if you’re curious), and I’m halfway kinda technically I suppose participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, but I am dreadfully behind and don’t really see getting 50,000 words written in the next two weeks.

I also visit YouTube – I follow the vlogbrothers, of course, and Wheezy Waiter and hopeonatenspeed and italktosnakes and lukeconard and bandgeek8408. I also appear periodically on bandgeek8408, as that’s my brother’s channel and I get roped into some of his storylines for his Books vs. Movies series.

I read every single day because it’s hilarious, and you’re all welcome, by the way, for being introduced to that site. I also read Cracked and and because I have a bizarre fascination with lists that other people put together. I also fairly recently signed up for PaperBackSwap, and that’s been a lovely thing! I have expanded my  library so much!

And that’s where I spend my time, really. When I get through my cycle of those sites, I start to hit my StumbleUpon button, and that’s when I really get into trouble because I like to procrastinate, and that makes it oh so easy!

But my presence on the Internet? I think it’s really felt on LiveJournal and in the Harry Potter fandom. I expect, also, to be on Pottermore just about every day once I can sign in.

And now, my challenge! You have, I think, six weeks? But here it is:

Find a die (or pick a number out of a hat or choose a number between 1 and 6 right now before you look at the list below). Roll it. Read the list below for your junk item.

1 - Newspaper/tissue paper
2 - Cardboard
3 - Pop can/pop tabs
4 - Plastic bottle
5 - Bottle caps (plastic or metal)
6 - Glass bottle

Your challenge? Take and beautify this object of yours. Turn trash into a treasure. I would like step by step photos of your process, but a photo of the finished product is definitely required! If you are feeling particularly crafty or creative, roll for two items and create one product out of them. And yes, you can use other supplies to supplement, but your junk item, in whole or in pieces, must be fairly prominent in the final product.

Okay, I now have to go watch Tangled! See you all later!

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