Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuesday's First Film was Tremors

Cassie: **SPOILER** You're going to get some poorly photographed images of a newspaper folded into a hat and/or boat, a hat which does not fit my head and a boat that does not sail. I'll colour it in with crayons or something, though, so it looks pretty.

Casey: Glad to hear you're okay. :)

My mother is a horror buff. She loves horror movies, gore fests, b-movies, and other weird, disturbing, or strange cinema. I remember watching "The Shining" (Jack Nicholson) when I was young enough to still be in a playpen, my favourite film series as a child was "Nightmare on Elm Street", and even from before the early years, my love was with Jeremy Irons' Scar, from The Lion King, and Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast. I grew up loving horror movies, which had something of an odd effect on me, one I've described somewhat before. A sense of nostalgia for the horrific. I look at terror and spurts of blood in the same way the rest of my generation looks back on the Rugrats. Really. And in that same way, even though I may occasionally marathon a bit of Masters of Horror, I certainly don't think of it as something I genuinely like any more (a few exceptions aside, of course). It's all just fond memories. With that in mind, I say that most of my fears are rather grounded and completely rational.

I fear my financial future, I fear that I may not be able to get Canadian residency and will be forced away from my husband, I fear that one day I may fall out of love - or worse, he may fall out of love, I fear for the health and wellness of those closest to me, and in very particular circumstances, I may fear for myself. I had a bad reaction to a bit of bleach a few months ago that I fainted from for a few moments, and was a bit blinded by for an hour or so after. I don't have a fear of bleach, or a constant paranoia about my health, but for those moments, I was afraid.

There is only one thing that makes me cringe, shudder, shrink away from. That, even as a woman of nearly 20 (as an aside, Friday is my 20th birthday!), I'll cry and shriek as it comes closer to a time when I need it. That fear... shots. Not just needles. I don't freak out at the sight of acupuncture - though I'd never do it myself all the same - nor am I going to shy away from a bit of sewing. It has to be a hypodermic needle, or hell, even a syringe. I actually recoil a bit at the site of a needleless syringe, as silly as that seems. I can, however, give even this a bit of background.

When I was six years old, I had a bit of strep throat. The problem? I didn't have a sore throat. A bit of a rash, enough to warrant a trip to the doctor's, but they couldn't figure out what it was. After a couple of weeks, though, I ended up in the school nurse's and she managed to pick it out as strep (it was going around), so I got my strep medicine and came back in a couple of days, ready to jog around the field. And... got an asthma attack. Which was odd, because nobody knew I had asthma. I had to go to the hospital after that, and that's when they figured out that my untreated strep had developed into pneumonia, which meant two months in the hospital. A lot of blood tests, the IV, and above all else, an untrained nurse and my pale, pasty skin. You see, I'm not an outdoorsy sort, and I'm a quarter-Swedish. I'm about as white as you can be, and my veins simply do not show. The newbie nurse couldn't find them, and must have stabbed me about twenty times before an older nurse stepped in and gave my arm a good squeeze to expose the veins and got it in herself. I barely remember it - hell, I barely remember lunch - but it's definitely given me quite the distaste for injections.

On a lighter note, I was at PAX this weekend - a large video game convention in Seattle. I saw Angry Joe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, the NES Punk, Toby Turner/Tobuscus, and a few others around the con. Mostly just went to panels - I've never really cared for the exhibition hall, too crowded, overpriced merch, and honestly, five minutes is not enough for me to judge a game's demo, let alone a game - and they were pretty fun, and a few informative. Many industry ones, as my husband is interested in getting into game design/programming. Not sure I'd ever want to - I like the solitary writing experience - but it was fun all the same. I did play a few games, most of them were completely terrible, but Just Dance 3? Completely entertaining. I have Dance Central or whatever it was for the Kinect, and that was good fun, but Just Dance 3 has better songs and more... unique gameplay, I suppose. The dances seem like they are more specialized for the songs being played, as opposed to being made up from a set of established moves.

Until next week! I'll be spending this week going to the PNE (a local fair/amusement park) and seeing Shark Night 3D for my birthday. Might go out for dinner, as well. Should probably get cake ingredients, too... ah, you get back from a vacation, and then there's a bunch to do.

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