Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday loves Wands, and is Early!

I don't own one, oddly enough, never really thought to get one in my miscellany merchandise purchasing endeavours, but I do. Wands are my favourite part of the Harry Potter lore, in fact. Ollivander is one of my favourite characters. I just like the idea, and I wish it were more heavily explored. At least I got the Elder Wand, I suppose.

And yes, I am technically posting on Monday today because wedding stuff is consuming my life and I have to prepare the guest room for Carina and all these things and I can't be bothered to lie to you by setting the timer on the post to tomorrow. :p

Anyway, wands intrigue me. I like the idea of having a core. The woods interest me, too. Don't know how much I care for the whole birth tree thing - in general, I have a great opposition to any sort of zodiac-esque thing, even if it is just assigning a wood to your birth month (though I did, as a kid, love birthstones). More than anything, that's what I'd like to learn more about in Pottermore - and what I'd like to get from Pottermore. For all that I love Slytherin, I'd be fine with any house, and I'm not going to hold any great weight or suspense to my inevitable sorting. But my wand? I'll go crazy over that. I hope we learn something about Ollivander, or the Ollivander family, if nothing else.

For the sake of it, I should say that my other favourite characters are Barty Crouch Jr., Lucius Malfoy, and Fenrir Greyback - all for very superficial reasons. Barty and Lucius are almost strictly due to their actors, though Lucius' older aristocrat thing doesn't hurt. Fenrir mostly because I love werewolves, and Remus isn't exactly terrifying. As people, I have no strong attachment to, really, any of the characters in the series. They never seemed very real to me - it works for the medium, and I still love them all to bits, but I can't say I'd want to meet any of the characters or be friends with them. They're interesting, though, and for what that's worth, my favourites are the aforementioned.

I think I am, similarly, more sympathetic towards the generally disliked characters of the series. Namely Lockhart and Umbridge. They are caricatures, as many of the characters are, and they serve their purpose well. I guess that may be the writer in me talking. For all that I dislike their traits, I can't dislike the characters because they succeed in what they are meant to do for the novels. Lockhart, in particular, intrigues me. He's a Ravenclaw, yet by far the least competent and not exactly the brightest we've seen from the house. Even though I'd hesitate to call him dumb, and I'm sure he's quite the writer himself, I honestly think of him as sort of a pompous, adult male version of Luna Lovegood. Do we know if Luna is smart, now that I mention it? I can't say I recall her grades ever being mentioned, and I somehow doubt she excels in certain classes (Defence and CoMC in particular) given some of what she says. I'm also rather neutral to Cho. At least as neutral as I am to Ginny, anyway.

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