Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Could Tell You About Her Wedding...

But honestly, there isn't much to say. It was good fun for a bit, but after a couple of hours, I was happy to see the limo pull up. Our commissioner, Ann, was a sweet old woman who kept the ceremony short and sweet. Both my husband and I are atheists, as are a great deal of our friends and family (you have to go back to my great-grand parents to find a theist), so we cut out any references to God, so it was basically just a bit of romantic frivolity and the official, "by British Columbian law" bits. Took about ten minutes, maybe even less, signed our forms and had our maid of honour and best man sign as witnesses, and it was done. Food was nice - Italian Culture Centre, Cupcakes (the owners of that one are on Cake Boss or something), and Benton Brothers Fine Cheese - and I got to bring Carina up to Vancouver, which was a treat. Particularly since her mum never would have let her if I weren't getting married. We also had Absinthe. It tastes a bit like licorice and mint.

Oh, and I don't have many pics yet, so not much to show there. Only one whose settled in after getting out here and had the time to upload any pictures is my cousin James, who had a cell phone camera. To tide you over, though, you may enjoy this picture.

Other than the wedding, I've spent the past bit of time with my friend, Carina, and my family. My nonna (grandmother, father's side), my two cousins, my parents, and my brother all flew out from England and New York (as well as Carina, who then had to drive to Ohio right after she got back). Took them to a few Canadian restaurants, went shopping, considered seeing a film but then immediately chose not to (the only one of any interest to me right now is Fright Night, and only because of David Tennant). Carina quite liked the city, and my family seemed mostly indifferent. My nonna and cousins did a bunch of tourist stuff, which I think is silly. Lovely place to live in, but honestly, not the best place just to visit. I suppose there's more now, since the Olympics, but it's definitely better as a resident.

Started work on another story. A fantasy, slice-of-life story of sorts, about a woman who ages one year a decade (so she'd live to be about a thousand), who is about 30/0, now. Mostly, it is just her travelling around Vulcamiel - the kingdom she lives in - enjoying the people, the food, and the scenery as her friends grow old, have kids, and die. Not much of a story - it spans from the time her best friend dies to the time her lover dies, so there is certainly an arc, but a story is a stretch - it's just an exploration of another world and the characters and things in it. Not as dark as my usual stuff, but I like it.

It was nice to see where all of you hangout, and what vlogs, blogs, and webcomics you all enjoy. As I did not get a chance to properly respond last week, I will end my post on an elaboration of my internet-based activities.

As I've said before, I am a tumblr addict. Love me some tumblr. I follow art blogs - gingerhaze is one of my favourites - and plus-sized fashion blogs. I follow a few official ones, too, as it is handy. Modcloth is my favourite clothing store, by the way, and their tumblr is great for keeping me updated on their new clothes. They sell things in all sizes, so I'd recommend them highly. I read BBC's website to keep up with the news, for the most part, as they are a bit more international than American news sites, but still in English. I also am a big fan of xoJane, particularly Emily. It's a very frank, honest website for women to talk about the sorts of issues you won't find in Cosmo and whatnot. Not to mention a few fun articles where they try odd things, like odd fashion trends or strange, erm, 'personal' wares.

I love internet reviewers - on That Guy with the Glasses, I am fond of MasakoX, Obscurus Lupa, Todd in the Shadows, MikeJ, Paw, Brad, and Phelous. I also like the guys at NormalBoots (JonTron, PeanutButterGamer), and I'd definitely recommend Movies You May Have Missed. Webcomics - pretty much what you'd expect. Cyanide & Happiness, xkcd, Hyperbole and a Half, Wondermark, and my personal recommendation: Happle Tea. Mmm, mythology jokes.

Thank you all for the congratulations! I'll be going to PAX Prime this weekend, hoping to catch a glimpse of Toby Turner at the Assassin's Creed panel (he's going to perform his literal trailer, apparently), so I'll see you all next week with fun about that! Oh, and a crafting challenge? Lord have mercy, at best you'll be getting a bit of origami, and at worst you'll get something worthy of the Guggenheim. *

* The Guggenheim has 'art' like white painted on white canvas, and slabs of rock. They're the sort of museum that thinks something painted by a dog covered in non-toxic paint is worth money.

Edit: Here, now you can pretend you were at the wedding with me.

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