Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday is short-winded today

Warning: This is a relatively short post!

Casey: Hope things are going well! We’re all looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Christina: I like your interpretation of the challenge! Well done : )

Cassie: Alice was wonderful. You and everyone else involved have great cause to be proud. ‘Twas an honor to be involved!

Alexandra: Your summer is certainly worth looking forward to! In lots of awesome ways. Tell Carina hi from all of BG!

In terms of Cassie’s question about children… I like them well enough. There are some (a great many) I adore, and a few I would rather do without. The thing about other people’s kids is you get to pick which ones you’re around; when it’s your own kids, you have to deal with those against your will. I hope my future children will be awesome! I’m sure I’ll love them anyway (assuming they ever exist). I think I’m at a place in my life right now where never having kids sounds okay, but I’ll most likely want them in the future.

What I’m looking forward to about the summer: learning about lots of things, like psycholinguistics and veggie straws; spending time with incredibly high-quality people, some of whom are becoming inextricably part of my present and future; continuing this adventure of life and discovering new ways of living it.

This is already a summer without equal, and it just keeps getting better!

My question for all of you: What is your favorite culture, other than the one you currently live in?

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