Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday in familial context

Casey: I hope your tests went well! And I like what you did with your punishment. Sounds like a day well spent!

Christina: The grant that’s funding my job right now is for the same sort of thing that you work on! We haven’t had any kids, but I’m doing my best to learn about kids and their language use. Very cool stuff.

Cassie: The parts of your family that I know are quite awesome. And I’ve had some of your family chocolates—everyone, these chocolates will blow your mind.

Alexandra: Eek, a punishment for you… We still have Casey’s to come up with too, so we may have to get some outside help or something!

My family. Whenever I talk about my family, I always feel like I’m bragging, because they’re so freaking awesome. But they really are!

I have one sibling, a sister named Ellie who is 2.5 years younger than I. We fought insanely as children, mostly because she knew (and knows) just what buttons to push to drive me over the edge of sanity. When we were young, that meant singing in the car and breathing on me and just baaaaarely not touching me, etc. Eventually, it got to the point that I was allowed to hit her if she didn’t stop when I told her to. I used that privilege liberally, but only when she deserved it.

Over the past few years, Ellie and I have gotten along much better. I think it started before I graduated from high school and left for college, but the goodness of our relationship has accelerated since then. She and I are ridiculously different—my friends who meet her are always shocked at just how different we are, right off the bat—but we’re also made out of the same stuff. We’re pretty much what would happen if you added our parents together and divided by two. By this point in our lives, she is one of the people I trust and care about most in my life. She is resilient and admirable and wonderful.

My parents are the best parents. I have always identified better with my mom, but that’s only because I am exactly like her. And I mean, like for real, if my mom had been raised by my parents, we would be the exact same person (if that makes any sense). We think the same, have almost identical idiosyncrasies, react the same in pretty much every situation, process information similarly… it’s crazy. I would have been lost long ago if not for my mom.

And my dad! He is an incredible father. He is loving and caring and strong and encouraging and everything a father ought to be. He is always there to listen and lend solid advice, and he (with my mom) has made my sister and me his priority our whole lives. He takes care of our family in every way, and I have ultimate respect for him.

Not only are the members of my family awesome on their own, we also work crazy well together. We go on adventures together, talk about anything and everything, and meet the world head-on as a cohesive unit.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's families!

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