Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Feels As Though This is Kind of a Given...

My wedding. That's the answer. ;p

I will instead talk about things I care about other than the wedding that happen this summer.

Harry Potter 7.2; end of an era. I'm doing the whole midnight showing thing, obviously, and dragging Al with me to see it and then likely complaining about the portrayal of this and that online. I'm still annoyed at 7.1 for leaving Pettigrew's death kind of ambiguous. I get leaving out the strangling, but you could have just had Bellatrix kill him or something.

My 20th Birthday; September 2nd. Which is a Friday, JSYK. 20 is sort of a boring year, because 21st is when I can drink in America, and 19 is when I could drink in Canada, but 20? Middle year. I don't know why I even use drinking age as a measure of worth, as I barely drink, and haven't been carded -- in America -- since I was 15. But, hell, 20. Wow. Kind of cool, eh? Another decade down. Also, I'm getting the greatest gift of all. A bad 3D ripoff of Jaws/Piranha.

PAX; This is kind of my miniature honeymoon. :) We're going to Disney World for Christmas as our honeymoon proper, but this is right after the wedding, so it seemed like a good hold over. Can't go wrong with this sort of thing, eh? And we get a weekend in Seattle away from the room in his mum's house, so no complaints.

Seeing Carina; My BGSU friend, for the Ohio...nites? IDK. Probably the only time I'll see her this year, since I'm not going to New York for Christmas. Technically related to the wedding, as she is coming out here to be my maid of honor, but there you go. Good friend. I guess, also, "seeing Cameron [my brother], my parents, my Nonna [who I quite dislike], and James and Tom [my cousin]", but eh, Carina's still a bit more important to me. Maybe in a few years.

Getting my new laptop! My Macbook is currently missing the tilde (~), fn, and ctrl keys, and technically 'C', however I use that too often and have put backslash (\) in sideways so that I could still type. It's headphone jack doesn't work, nor does the internal fan. The battery drains fast because of the latter. Basically the only thing working competently is the guts of it - the hard drive and the OS - and given that the latest Firefox has forced me onto Chrome, it isn't liking me much there, either. So I got a fancy new laptop, Lenovo W series, I may have mentioned it. It's arriving at some point today. I might talk about it next week. Get to spend all of this week loading on my music files, complaining about iTunes not transferring my playlists correctly, obsessively reorganizing all 5,000+ files, deleting no doubt hundreds in the process, and then -- of course -- installing all the programs: Steam, Chrome, Skype, Photoshop, Word, etc., etc., etc. Tedious, but by the end, worth it. Though I don't know how much I care for switching back to Windows...

edit; Oh, and kids. They're fine. I don't mind them in the abstract sense, and I consider them to be an important part of our society, but... I don't much care for being alone with them. Particularly if they are in that 5 to 12 area. Teenagers are fine, if a bit underdeveloped in their ideas. Little kids are cute, if a bit of a pain. Kids? They just annoy me. Wouldn't want one of my own, either.

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