Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thursday is a bonehead!

I feel so horrible, I really do. I meant to post my blog, but I forgot because I had a test that day, and then also got to go home early, which drove all thoughts of blogging duties out of my head and instead I watched Battlestar Galactica. You guys must have fun figuring out so many punishments (at least I know if there is a prize at the end of this for the most tardy poster, I know that I will win!). Okay, so here is a little talk about my family.

My mom and dad met in Air Force rehab. I think this goes a long way to explain the weird sort of family I come from. My dad always scared me a little bit growing up, mostly because he was the one who wasn't home very often (he worked nights at the railroad and didn't wake up until midnight-ish to go to work until three in the afternoon the next day). However, I also loved my dad a lot and cherished the chance to get to hug him before he headed off to work and smell his greasy overalls. Thinking on it, that's maybe a part of childhood that I miss the most.

However, because my dad was gone most of the time, my mom had the wonderful task of raising me and my three sisters (though for a long time it was just two sisters). It's hard for me to remember certain things about my mom, but I do know that she was the one who took all of us kids to girl scouts and often supervised for school functions. She even took me (and just me) to see Titanic when it came out because of the major crush I had on Leonardo DiCaprio (not to mention buying me a trivia book about him and a Titanic poster puzzle). I really feel bad for not doing the dishes for her like I should have.

As I mentioned, I have three sisters. My oldest sister, Krista, is older than me by about three years, and while we weren't very close growing up, I always depended on her and respected her, mostly because she was the only one who could control my younger sister, Jenna. Jenna likes to play the part of antagonist, which makes her do such horrible things as writing on my older sister's homework and blaming me, and then pasting glue on my favorite stuffed animal all in the same day. We were always very close, because she was only two years younger than me. And then there is Sami, my youngest sister by almost eight years, and whose birth I remember some details of (also, there are pictures). She's almost thirteen now and loves Justin Beiber. It makes me want to cry.

My sisters like to fight a lot, and my dad used to like to yell, but we've definately mellowed out in recent years. I haven't seen them for a while, and it's hard to make oppurtunities mostly because I don't get a lot of time off work and also because they are so spread out. Hopefully once my work in California is over and I'm back in Idaho, I'll do better at getting to go see them and try to rebuild my relationship with them. Then maybe I'll work on the relationships with the rest of my family. Because even if we're not all that close sometimes, I love being part of the Shaffer Clan, and want to get to know the McSweeney Clan better.

And again, I'm really (really!) sorry about being so late.

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