Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday Strikes Again!

Guess what, everybody! I’m staying true to my character, and posting late AGAIN. More apologies… I don’t expect you to be gentle. As of my writing this, Casey hasn’t yet posted for Thursday, so at least I get to keep some semblance of order. Eek…

Casey: Good luck with the punishment!

Christina: That would be awesome if we ended up in the same state! Perhaps we’ll even be at the same school. Time will tell! Good luck starting the application process!

Make up. I do wear it. Every day, in some form or another, though some days, time dictates that it’s only as a remnant of the make up from the day before. I like to work with color quite a bit (tangerine orange eye shadow is a bit of a staple, as is royal blue mascara), but I also have my au naturale days, where I just even out my skin and slide on a little black mascara.

Cassie: Welsh Philosopher’s Stone. Win.

Alexandra: Your birthday is the same as my father’s! Several decades later, of course. But yeah.

Now, my thoughts on HP…

My family started reading HP together right after the first book came out. Dad would read aloud to us, a chapter a night, all the way through the whole series. (We had to finish the seventh when I was home on a break from my freshman year of college.) All the characters had voices, most of which stayed relatively constant through the books. Hermione’s name, however, we couldn’t for the life of us figure out how to pronounce at first, so she was “Heather” throughout the reading of the first book : )

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love the HP series. I’ve been to several midnight movie premieres, read all the books, etc. But I honestly forget where each book ends and the next begins. I guess I’ll talk about it, then, in terms of my favorite facets of the series in general, without being able to label them by book. Help me out if you can!

I love Hermione’s transformation through the books. She starts as this obnoxious little know-it-all and develops into a (relatively) charismatic, loving, know-it-all leader. I like that she refines herself. I’d come up with details to support my point here, but I really want to get this posted before Thursday posts hers : )

I guess I never really thought about my loyalty to Hermione before, but there it is! I’m also a staunch fan of Neville and Hagrid, for various reasons.

An amusing anecdote for you:

This morning, I got an email notification from my online research participant scheduling system. The short version of the story is that I have two participants to run next Monday morning: Lily and James.

And I thought to myself, “How perfect! I’ll write about this in my late blog post, and it wouldn’t have been included if I had written on time!”

Okay, now a question for all of you: How do you feel about giving presentations in front of classes or other similarly large groups of people?

I think this is the shortest post I’ve had yet! Don’t worry… the next one will be longer, what with my punishment and all… Yay!...

See you shortly, Casey!


  1. 1. Welsh Harry Potter for the win, indeed.

    2. Hermione was Hermy-own in my house for a long time. We always felt that her conversation with Viktor in Goblet of Fire was directed at us.

    3. You don't need a variety of reasons to love Neville. He's awesome and a BAMF. That's really all you need.

    4. Punishment . . . I'm all for breaking out the Twilight fanfiction for this one. What do you think, guys? 750 words, and it can't be making fun of the series?

  2. Hermione was Hermy-own for my friends and me as well until the first movie came out. For awhile we actually liked our pronunciation more just out of familiarity, but we eventually came around!

    Cassie's punishment idea sounds like it will be wonderful in a terrible way. :) I'd like to add in the stipulation that at least one instance of sparkling should be included.

  3. I'm literally cringing... 750 words? With SPARKLING? Fair's fair, I guess... Uuuuugh. One of these days I will learn.

  4. i was thinking Twilight's too harsh, but then I had to look at Justin Bieber's wikipedia so bring on the fan fiction!