Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Týr's Day

Hope you are all having a nice April. Prepare for showers.

My favorite thing about the internet is just the ability to communicate with people over huge spans of distances on, really, anything. I am not overly social in real life, and those friends I do have don't have all the same interests as me. There's a band, Týr, named for the Norse God, that only one of my friends likes. They are Viking metal, and awesome. You should go listen to them. Point is, craving some Týr, I can easily find a chat about them on a metal forum, maybe even a forum just for bands like those. And I can have eight of these conversations at once, in different tabs. I can be talking about my love of Cormac McCarthy in one window and my hatred of Cassandra Clare in another. It's a wonderful thing, and honestly, I consider some of the people I know only as puppygirl0x0x0 or whatever as friends.

And I am indeed a Slytherin. Though, really, I have traits of every house near equally. From Slytherin, I am cunning, ambitious, and I have a strong sense of self-preservation. From Ravenclaw, I value intelligence, wisdom, and wit. From Gryffindor, I am brave and forward with my thoughts. I don't keep silent if I think there is injustice. From Hufflepuff... well, I am loyal. Probably not much of a Hufflepuff, honestly. Still, I consider myself a Slytherin for a few reasons. The first is because I don't consider myself anything else. I am not reckless, like many a Gryffindor, and I don't value chivalry. I dropped out of university and bring to question the value of our education system, something I don't think a Ravenclaw would do - even if they didn't like their education. Slytherin, though, I don't really disagree with. I don't care for the prejudices, obviously. Mudbloods FTW! But that is not a house trait so much as one of many house members. The second is just my connection to the house. I always wanted to read the story from a pureblood's point of view. What is Wizarding culture really like? We get bits of it from the Weasleys, but they've assimilated heavily with muggle culture and we never really see as much as I'd like. My favorite characters were usually Slytherins. Lucius, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Snape, Regulus. And my inner fangirl insists that I be a Slytherin because there's not been a Malfoy out of the house, and I couldn't marry Lucius if I weren't a Slytherin, could I?

If I had to never worry about money, I don't think my life would be much different than it is now. I am a housewife and a novelist, and aside from doing some odd catering and editing jobs for extra cash, I don't do any work outside of cleaning and cooking. I might hire a maid to do the cleaning (not the cooking; I am a picky eater), but otherwise, I would still be doing very much the same as I am now. I'd probably go to Europe, too. I've been to England a fair few times (my father is British), and I've been to a few nearby nations once or twice in my life, but I'd love to go back and appreciate it more fully than I did when I was young. In particular, the art of Madrid, the bridges (and pot) of Amsterdam, and the landmarks of Germany.

So, my life right now. My life right now is wedding planning. I am getting married on August 15th (a Monday, thankfully), and so far we've only got a wedding hall and someone to marry us. Catering? Eh. Cake? We've got a couple of places? Rings, dresses, suits? Hahaha, no. Invitations? Yeah, not happening anytime soon. It's right maddening. It's mostly because Alexander (my fiance) is on medical leave with a bad back, and cannot travel. I accept this, but it can be strenuous. Still, even if I have to cook everything myself (which I wouldn't mind - I love to cook and it'd save money), as long as I am married to him, I will be happy.

I spend a great deal of my time reading and writing, as well. I write because, well, I hope to publish a novel. I have been drafting and editing this novel since I was in high school, and I feel I am near completion. I would like to see this in an agent's hand before the "end of the world" (or, in sensible terms, the end of 2012). I haven't bought many new books recently, save for Patrick Rothfuss's "Wise Man's Fear" and "Name of the Wind", because I had heard good things (they were not unwarranted - these are great books). Been getting back into the South American authors I used to really love, namely Jorge Luis Borges. "House of Asterion" is my favorite. It is the story of Theseus and the Minotaur (of the labyrinth) told from the Minotaur's POV. All of his stories are rather short, but beautifully complex. Highly recommended, particularly his collection "Ficciones". On a similar note, I keep up a fantasy/writing tumblr, Ophiucha ex Machina.

I've been cooking for my fiance and his mother a lot, since he's slowly getting back on his feet and back to work. His mother is trying (and already failing) at Weight Watchers, an endeavor I've always considered pointless, so I've been making chicken soup, mushroom-stuffed chicken breast, pear and blue cheese salad, and veggie-stuffed potatoes. I make a lot of things, and I don't eat many of them. Often, I just have a PBJ sandwich. I love to cook, but I just don't like most of what I make. Those I make it for do, and I can tell from a bite if the food is of quality, but I just don't care for it. Still, it's been fun trying new things and seeing what works. Expanding on recipes and adding different things to see how it works, or taking influence from a different culture and cuisine entirely. It helps me think about my writing as well. Even in my fantasy worlds, I can't escape my undying love of cheese. Even if it is from the breast of a dragon or fae.

Can't wait for Wednesday. <3

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