Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday is Gorram Shiny!

Gorramit all of you for mentioning Firefly as on of your obsessions and therefore stealing some of my thunder for my post today! However, I am determined to out-geek all of you (though probably not possible because I'm too lazy). Also, the question that has been burning in your mind all week will be answered. In riddle form (devilish wink). However, it is a very easy riddle. What is the lowest prime number minus the only non-prime number less than the lowest prime number. And if you can't figure that one out, I will post it in a less confusing form next week.

Now, on to my obsessions >:D. Obviously, I've already mentioned Firefly, and this was my main addiction for almost two years (peanuts compared to the eight years of blind Harry Potter devotion, but still, our first loves are our best right?). It was one of those things that I had heard about years before I decided to try it, and only ended up watching it because a friend recommended it and I had nothing better to do that weekend (like every weekend in my sophomore year of high school, and indeed, my junior and senior year as well). I fell in love as soon as I saw Dr. Tam. Also, the sick joke that Captain Reynolds (aka Captain Tightpants) pulls on Simon in that pilot episode was the funniest thing to me for a long time. And at that point in my life, I needed hot doctors and funny space cowboys. If I had any money, I would go on a Browncoat cruise (or actually buy a browncoat, and a Jayne hat, and Nathan Fillion). I even bought all the comics even though they aren't as good and none of them take place after the movie. And speaking of Serenity, the first time I watched the movie the DVD skipped a very (VERY!!!) important scene, and I completely missed out on a beloved character death and didn't realize it until it was brought up in the next scene (I think a little bit of me died in that moment).

The best thing about Firefly is that it's the gift that keeps on giving. Because of Firefly I also watched Dollhouse (Yay Alan Tudyk as Alpha!), Castle (Yay Nathan Fillion as anybody!), Waitress (good movie), Slither (funny, disturbing movie), Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog (with Commentary: The Musical also, which is definately a must), and most recently the movie Super, in which Nathan Fillion has a cameo as a televangelist superhero (with long lustrous brown locks of glorious hair). The last one I only recommend to those who can appreciate gore (lots of gore) and sex (not a lot but sorta disturbing at points).

I've also had brief obsessions with Smallville (I could tell you who had guest-starred in which season on which episode and why they were important to the Superman mythos at one point), Chuck (and I will be obsessed again when I have season 4 on DVD), Psych (I made it a thing to understand every single pop culture reference and I'm up to about 70% comprehension per each episode), Eragon (haters, please give it up; yeah he's not the best writer and the elves are very Tolkien-ish but it's got it's own spin on things and Roran is a total bad-ass), Sarah Dessen novels (I love crying when I read books for some reason), His Dark Materials (These books sort of opened my eyes to the larger faults of Christianity and organized religion and also told a very amazing story, and are definately the anti-Narnias), Neil Gaiman (first with Stardust, then with Sandman, now I would pay my entire savings to read his grocery lists), and Percy Jackson (well, mostly Greek Mythology but I love teen reader series, especially if they mention Greek Mythology or British spies ala Alex Rider).

I guess, after looking at the above list, that I'm pretty much obsessed with books and TV shows, so not much has really changed for me, but I love how much random trivia I gain from all of it, and I can make Star Trek references and understand Star Wars jokes, and it just makes my life all the more shiny :).

Two by two, hands of blue.

Casey, out!

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