Friday, April 29, 2011

Travelling in Time and Space... to Friday

Hey girls, I graduate from college tomorrow!! I'll be getting up at the ridiculous hour of 6:30 (ridiculous for me) to head down to The Big House and officially become a U of M alumna. I seriously considered putting this post off until tomorrow because today was completely full of graduation ceremonies, I'm exhausted, and I have to get up early. All the punishments have been so vindictive, though, that I was too scared to go down that road... so here I am!

Oh, also, before I move onto obsessions, I just want to quickly mention the royal wedding! My roommate and I got into the wedding in a bit of a ridiculous way: dvring specials about the royals, watching specials on will's and kate's relationship... and of course watching the wedding live at 6 am today. I know some people find the whole thing just ridiculous and a waste of time, but I thought it was all really nice and sweet and she was just so pretty, guys! I really, really loved her dress. I just have to say that. Quite possibly the prettiest wedding dress I've ever seen.

Sooo... obsessions! This topic probably couldn't have come on a better week because I have been newly flung back into the throes of Doctor Who obsession. If you guys don't watch/keep up to date with Doctor Who, the new season just started last Saturday (new episode tomorrow!!!) and it was CRAZY. My friend and I (he's also obsessed) actually made a google doc of theories about the new episode and it's not over five pages in length. All about the season premiere, no other information. Anyway, I got into Doctor Who almost exactly a year ago (last April). Now, I haven't watched any Old Who, I'm completely a New Who girl at the moment- something I hope to eventually change. So, last April: I get hooked on Doctor Who thanks to my friend Kyle and I zoomed through the first 5 seasons in about... a month I'd say. By the time I'd gotten through seasons 1-4, season 5's finale had already aired, so I never had to wait week-to-week for an episode until this year (except the Christmas special, of course). It... is.... agonizing! I'm loving the theorizing though, it reminds me of old school Harry Potter days, waiting 2+ years for the next book to come out and in the meantime analyzing every single single for some semblance of a clue. I miss it.

Another obsession I want to mention is Lord of the Rings, specifically the movies. I like the books too, of course, but I love love love the movies. My friends and I would watch the movies (and the commentary!) over and over until we could recite nearly every line. This also includes the behind the scenes featurettes. Those have got to be the best behind the scenes features any movie has ever known. Billy, Dom, Elijah, Sean, Orlando, Viggo, and many more.... just amazing. I tried to find a more descriptive way to describe my love for those movies, but I failed. And the new Hobbit movie being filed right now? I'll sum up my feelings on that thusly: OSIDJF;AOSIDJFOSIJFO SIDJFOAIJDFOIJASODFIJ WROSJDFJA.

Also, I want to just mention Firefly. Now, I'm not obsessed- YET, but that's because I just started watching it! I'm glad there weren't any spoilers in anyone's posts (thanks, guys!) and I want to just put this out there right now- I'm not done with it yet and haven't seen Serenity so please no spoilers yet!! I'm watching it on SciFi because they started playing it and so far I'm 9 episodes in, so almost done. It's taking longer than it normally takes me to watch a tv show season, though, because I'm only watching one a week as they're played on SciFi. Please go easy on me guys! I must say though that so far I'm loving it. I'm still not completely into the story line per se, but I lovelovelove the characters.

Alexandra: Yu-Gi-Oh!! In middle school I would come home every day from school and watch Yu-Gi-Oh. I never got into the card game, but wow did I love that show. And I loved Yu-Gi-Oh Abriged! I need to thank you for bringing that up because I'd actually almost forgotten about it!

Cassie: I just made a new HP-obsessed friend a few weeks ago (yay!) and she recommended Ministry of Magic to me too. I actually know some of their songs because I sub Luke and Jason on youtube, but I've been meaning to listen to more of their stuff!

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