Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Strikes Back!!!

First of all, I wear make-up any chance I get, because I feel the need to pamper myself after a week of playing army. This is also why I wear strange elaborate outfits on weekends. Actually, that's just the way I dress. But, I never touch my hair except to brush, blowdry (occasionally), or pull it back in a ponytail (which I can't do right now 'cause it's too short).

I have three Harry Potter Tales to tell you, and you shall guess which contains the true origins of my love (nay, obsession) with Harry Potter.

1-My mom gave me the choice of reading Harry Potter or cleaning my room. I, only reluctantly, chose the former. I thought it looked stupid.
2-My friend lent it too me and told me that if I didn't read it, she'd never play "Sewer Snake" with me again (fyi, Sewer Snake is a game of my own design, which is like tag on a bi-colored merry-go-round in which one can only be tagged on the designated color, which at the time of my childhood was brown).
3-The boy I liked was reading Harry Potter so I read it to impress him. It didn't work between us two (he never answered my note) but I stuck with Harry for the best eight years of my life (ages 9-16) and while we may not be as close as we once were, I will fight to the death for him.

The truth will be revealed to you all next Thursday (if I remember it).

Favorite Character: I too am a Neville FanBottom (that's what we call ourselves, it's true). I mean, come on, the boy was so cutely clumsy in the first three books, and starts to reveal his inner epicness from Book 4 and Beyond. Neville circa Deathly Hallows is a veritable bad-ass. He is an honorary Hufflepuff, and would have been our best if Jo hadn't needed him in Gryffindor so as to be a better friend and parellel to Harry.

My favorite moment happens to be included in both the books and the movies, and if you guessed The Seven Potters you have guessed correctly. The best Fred & George line is in this scene ("Hey, look! We're identical!") and getting to see Dan without his shirt on was a definate plus (I missed out on Equus :( )

Chamber of Secrets is my favorite book, though I can't really tell you exactly why. Maybe it's because Gilderoy Lockhart is such a git, and maybe it's because I like Ron's slug-vomiting scene. And maybe it's because Hermione ended up as a cat. Who knows? I just know that I love it the most, and you can't stop me. As for least favorite, I'd say Half-Blood Prince because so much of it felt like fan-fiction, and Harry was in extremely annoying single-minded form about Malfoy (I hate him when he's stupidly stubborn, but Harry often wins me over with his nobleness and personal sacrifice).

Also, I think Snape is being given too much love. Yeah, he was in love with Harry's mom and capable of good, and yeah, he was on Harry's side all along. But he was still an utter douchebag. And he still hated Harry and made his life miserable for no better reason than he wasn't the one with Lily, and James was.

And now, the moment you sadists have been waiting for. Let me first mention my initial ignorance of JB's new 'do (and it's definately a do, if you'll let me explain). For those of you ignorant of Beib's now outdated signature look, it is what I personally call "The Hot Lesbian" because it's a 'do very popular among good-looking women of the into women persuasion (for more info, google lesbians who look like justin beiber). This cut pretty much looks like he never cut his hair before, and let it fall in place every morning after brushing it (100 strokes). The new cut is much more modern, and is what I'll call "The Bedhead" because it's cut short enough that he can wake up in the morning and not have to brush it (so tired from last 'do) and still look like a million dollars. Which is what he paid his stylist for The Bedhead cut.

I think that JB's new hair is the best thing for him right now. It show's that he's trying to shed his old wigger image and become more deserving of his pop idol fame. By cutting his hair, which was an iconic symbol to his many fangirls, he shows that he is willing to shed his old image and take the next big step in his career; Puberty. Let us hope that with his mature looking hair, his body will soon catch up.

That is all. Casey, out.

...Seriously though, you guys are sadists, but looking forward to someone else's punishment :)



  1. First of all, that is the best post tag ever.

    Second of all, kudos for actually finding something mildly interesting to write about JB's haircut.

    Third of all, "We're identical!" was one of my favorite things ever. Fred and George Fangirl (the movie version[s], at least) for life.

  2. Huzzah for HP in other languages!! :)

    Also, I'm guessing number one, because I really want it to be true. HP > Cleaning!