Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 45: Family Stories

The topic for the week:
This Christmas, my grandmother requested that my family do something we've never really done before. We all sat in the living room together one night and talked about the future and our ambitions and where we were in our lives. But we also asked my grandparents to share some stories about their past that we hadn't heard. I heard the tale of how my grandparents met for the first time, among other things.

Family stories are important. My mother is an amateur genealogist, and she's drilled this into my head often enough. Years from now, what will be recorded for the future genealogists to find will be names and dates and little else. It's up to us to pass the family stories down so that the future has a glimpse into what our lives were like.

I'm expounding. Basically, what are your old family stories, the amusing or romantic or mildly embarrassing tales that get told over and over? They can be about you or about generations past, but let's share some of those stories that show how human we are.

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