Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday's story is cheap

Christina: It sounds like you are having a lovely time! Enjoy those sales : )

Cassie: Ben’s is awesome. As are your freaking adorable grandparents. Whom I can now claim to have met.

Alexandra: You seem to have a very storysome family, even if you don’t know the stories!

My family is also very storysome. We’re small (four in my immediate family, plus one grandma and minimal aunts/uncles/cousins), but our oral history is vast. It’s impossible to pick one story to call the best, so I will tell one about my parents and how very dirt poor they were when they got married.

One day, when they were maybe 22 and 24 (my parents got married pretty young [Mom was 21, so not as young as some in present company : ) ]), Mom and Dad realized they had 76 cents. This was a pretty big deal; they had not had spending money in a long time. So they decided to go out for dinner.

They went to McDonald’s, where a double cheeseburger cost 75 cents. They got one double cheeseburger and split it.

On their walk through the parking lot outside, they found a penny on the ground. Add that to the penny they had leftover from their lavish burger feast, and they had two cents! Enough to buy a Tootsie roll from the convenience store next door.

So they bought one Tootsie roll and cut it in half for dessert.

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