Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday is feeling the pressure

Hello, girls, it's Monday, and I'm cutting this REALLY close to the wire! Therefore, I'm just gonna jump right in to the topic of the week: stress levels!

I put my current stress level at moderate. It's not as bad as it's been before; I'm keeping all the balls I've been handed up in the air. But I can feel that waver that lets me know I could miss one at any moment and send everything crashing down around me.

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I started a new job last week. I'm now a part-time librarian in the children's place at my public library, and I love it. I really do. I'm finally getting to the point where I'm being given actual projects instead of just learning the ropes, which is exciting but also stressful, especially because all my Horizon projects are starting to collide a little. Spring classes just started and are still settling in numbers. Every day it seems I have a new email with a student wanting to join late or shift classes or drop out, and keeping track of it all is a nightmare. On top of that, my one acts audition next week, so I'm frantically lining up directors and freaking out over finding rehearsal space and whether or not any kids are going to show up to audition. Plus, drama club is an ongoing project, at some point I have to figure out the educational half of the summer show, and oh yeah, I just got asked when I'm going to start putting together info for summer camps.

So yeah. If my hair puffed, puff levels would be high.

What I'm really missing about life pre-new-job was the freedom to set my own hours. I could shuffle things around as needed, and last minute scheduling switches weren't an issue. Now, though, my hours at the library are regulated for me, and while they're much more flexible about the schedule than most workplaces, it's still a drastic change from what I'm used to. Plus, I'm around people and constantly on my feet for five+ hours a day when I work, which is exhausting. I come home at 8:30 and all I want to do is collapse. And then I get into the loop of feeling like I'm not doing anything but working! The meeting I just got home from was the first time I'd seen friends outside my family and the boyfriend in a week. I want to go out, I want to spend time with my friends, but I'm just so drained at the end of the day.

But, I do love the work I'm doing, and I do love being busy, and I certainly feel productive, which is better than the alternative. So I'm getting by. And I just keep reminding myself to take deep breaths and invest in more post-its!

How are all of you?

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