Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday is Sherlocked

I am a woman of the internet. I played computer games like Fatty Bear, Putt Putt, Flight Simulator, and the perhaps ill-advised on my parent's part Wolfenstein 3D before my I was three. I learned how to get past every attempt my father made at keeping me from my computer as punishment before I was out of elementary school, and I was well aware of the 'Clear History' button by the time I was out of my preteens.

As such, I have far greater a connection with perhaps the distant than I do the things closer to me. I never played sports except in gym, and I only enjoyed a couple of them. As much as I enjoy board games, I find them highly impractical due to the necessity of another human being. And for all that I love to write and to cook and my pathetic recent attempts at knitting, ultimately I consider this productive endeavors as opposed to entirely pleasurable ones (though I daresay I love them dearly). No, I need the distance to really have fun. Writing is in a way my job, cooking is something I do for the gain of getting food and feeding my husband. Playing video games or watching movies, however, is purely a selfish and useless endeavor, and that more than anything makes me happy.

Obviously the specifics of fandom will vary depending on my mood. In my youth, nothing more would make me happy than a good chat about Harry Potter (I still love this, of course) or discussing the merits of a Pokemon team. I've gone through many fandoms, some lingering strongly in my heart while others have faded into little more than nostalgia. I could not discuss them all, so I guess I'll just have to say that there's something holding my heart and my smile up high.

Sherlock. BBC's, to be specific. Now, I love Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.'s fantastic portrayals of the characters of Sherlock and Watson, and the recent movie's addition of Stephen Fry - the greatest man alive - does not hurt the fact that I am madly in love with Sherlock as a fictional entity. But between the movies (particularly Asylum's baffling rip off of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock, which includes dinosaurs and a steampunk!Iron Man), the books, the radio dramas, and previous television adaptations, nothing has ever pulled me into fandom fever like the BBC's modern day adaptation.

Right now, any smile on my face is because of Martin Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch. Or, you know, my husband. I think that's kind of a given? Not much else to say there. I'm happiest just disconnected from responsibility or obligation of any sort, and ultimately that means books, movies, games, whatever it may be. I think I should say that I appreciate solitude in games. I don't like playing games with my husband around, particularly because he's much better at most of them. Unless it's a silly game, like Lego Harry Potter, I just kind of feel awkward playing them with him watching and giving commentary and telling me what I should be doing. I also generally avoid multiplayer unless it's just a bunch of strangers.

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