Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's allergies are acting up.

Week 26. 52 / 2 = 26, right? Are we halfway done???

Casey: Where oh where have you gone? We meesss youuu!

Christine: Why do Google searches for phobias always include a picture of the phobe’d object??? I simply do not understand. And I feel your pain, though I love moths.

Cassie: … Unicorn poetry. Also, I know that Meghan! : )

Alexandra: Happiest of ALLLLL the birthdays!

And now for my survey!

It’s a long one. And it was originally filled out January 19, 2010. I have re-appropriated it for our present purposes.

001. Real name – Carlyn Rebecca Campbell

002. Nickname(s) – Car, Carl, Starfish, Yellow, Babe, Pies Rainbow, Table, probably a couple more

003. Status – A quote from a new grad school classmate, on bartering with Pocahontas for counseling services rendered: “You teach us how to survive the winter, and we’ll talk about your problems.”

004. Zodiac sign – Leo, cusp of Cancer

005. Male or female – Female

006. Religion – Nah

007. Elementary - Orchard Hollow Elementary!

008. Middle school – Shore Junior High, back in the old days before it became "Shore Middle School."

009. High school – Mentor High

010. Hair color – Naturally, silvering blonde. Intentionally, fiery red.

011. Eye color – It switches among variations of green

012. Loud or quiet – Depends on the circumstances ;)

013. Sweats or jeans – Jeans, pretty much every day of my life

014. Phone or camera – Cameras don't make calls. Unless they're camera phones...

015. Health freak – Ha.

016. Favorite physical quality – I like being tall.

017. Do you have a crush on someone? – Quite so.

018. Eat or drink – I need both... hm.

019. Favorite movie – There are so many! All-time favorite, though, is probably Evening. Most people I talk to haven’t heard of it, but it has an all-star cast and is sad and wonderful.

020. Tattoos – So far, five: infinity sign on my leg with "ABBA" ("Daddy" in Aramaic), since edited to include a calculus function eliminating the value of the infinity sign by means of a limit that does not exist; Eleven the Cat and Dot the Superspy on the other side of the same leg; seven little birds flying on my right shoulder; “good grief” in Morse code swirling around my left shoulder; and an asterisk on the inside of my right pinky.

021. Water or fire – For drinking, water. For burning things, fire.

022. Love of your life or $4 billion – Love. Always, love.

023. First fear – Probably the dark

024. First best friend – Ashlee, a girl in the neighborhood. We were best friends for years, and we still talk from time to time

025. First award – I think I got a trophy for being on my T-ball team when I was five. In retrospect, "participation" awards should be reserved for those who actually participate. I was the kid sitting in the outfield building piles of dirt.

026. First crush – Probably some paste-eating boy in kindergarten...

027. First pet – A dog named Fairbanks and a fish named Water

028. First big vacation – Oh brother... I went to Alaska when I was like ten months old. I ate dirt off a glacier. I got sick. It must have been great!

029. First big birthday – I remember my eighth as being a pretty good year

030. Brothers – None, though I had a set of imaginary brothers when I was little

031. Sisters – My Ellie : ) I miss her.

032. Favorite place – ~CORNY ALERT~ Pretty much wherever Meghan is. ::goofy grin:: Geographically, though? The tulip fields in Scotland... *sigh*

033. Favorite dessert – Yes!

034. Favorite toy in your house – Crayons!

035. Promise ring or chastity ring? – Wedding

036. Favorite season – Spring, though fall is a close second.

037. Favorite flower(s) – Stargazer lilies! Loooove.

038. Favorite spice – Um... salt? Clearly I'm no chef.

039. Pancakes or waffles – Waffles!! It's been too long.

040. Left- or right-handed – Right

041. Ever been kissed? – For lack of a better term… yes.

042. How many relationships have you been in? – Decent relationships? One. Relationships lasting a week or less? Two more.

043. Silver or gold? – Depends on the situation

044. Checkers or chess? – I'm not good with either, but love both : )

045. Desktop or laptop? – Laptops are sooo much more convenient

046. Ever been out of the country? Yes

047. Where? Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, Australia

048. Big city or small town? I want to end up somewhere I feel safe walking outside, but not so safe that I get lulled into a false sense of security. Small towns always have the best [read: worst] stories on Forensic Files.

049. Favorite food type – If I'm cooking, then the easier the better

050. Favorite drink – Diet Coke. The elixir of the gods.

051. Dogs or cats – Cats, though I love dogs

052. I'm about to – Go to bed (I’ve been blogging early these days, just after midnight on my Wednesdays). But I'll probably proofread this post first.

053. Listening to – The sound of my own typing

054. Plans for today – Tonight: sleep. Tomorrow: Classes and an orthodontist appointment. Because 22-year-olds who haven’t had braces in 11 years sometimes need to go to the ortho.

055. Waiting for – Not waiting. Anticipating and preparing.

056. Your height – When I'm properly standing up, 6'2"

057. Contacts or glasses – Glasses, when I'm reading

058. Want kids? – I’m pretty sure, yes

059. Want to get married? – We’ll see how legal it is : )

060. Careers in mind – All of them! Counselor, writer, editor, artist, business owner, teacher, veterinarian, the list goes on...

061. Rain or snow – Rain! Warm rain I can stand in

062. Gloves or mittens – The word "mitten" is such the perfect word. And so it wins.

063. Favorite girl's name – Rowan?

064. Favorite boy's name – Dash

065. Believe in magic? – Of course

066. Soda, pop, or coke? Diet Coke. The elixir of the gods. We've been over this... I
don't care what it's called

067. Brain or braun? – Brain

068. Prefer lips or eyes – Eyes

069. Great body or great personality? – Personality, of course. Having a body doesn't tell you anything about how a person works, not really.

070. Do you want to be shorter or taller? – Neither, really. Society may not work quite so well for exceptionally tall women, but society can go kick dirt.

071. Do you want to initiate the relationship or him/her? – Circumstances merit various courses of action.

072. What number are you? – I’m four. Because it’s yellow, just like me. (Synesthesia. Yes.)

073. Nice stomach or nice arms – I don’t really have an opinion on that.

074. Sensitive or loud – There is room for both

075. Hook-up or relationship – Relationship

076. Should you be friends first or date first? – I’ve had it work best as friends first

077. Trouble maker or hesitant – Oh, for sure trouble maker. So much more fun

078. Chivalry or not? – It's nice but outdated and sexist. So not.

079. Favorite board game – The Game of LIFE.

080. Lost glasses/contacts – I don't really lose things, so neither

082. Hold a gun/knife for defense – Not expecting to be attacked... I'll just use my amazing powers of persuasion to solve the problem.

083. Killed someone? – Nope

084. Heartbroken – Not presently. Not by a longshot.

085. Been arrested - For some reason, I had to think about this question. The answer is No.

086. Done anything illegal – See, I support the moral standpoint that lets me speed when I'm driving. So yes, I do illegal things all the time.

087. Cried when someone died – Yes

088. Cried by yourself – I have

089. Laughed till you cried – As often as I can!

090. Believe in miracles? – Anyone who wants to see miracles will see them.

091. Believe in love at first sight? – Nope. Infatuation, which can develop at first sight, can be useful in cultivating love, however.

092. Heaven – Probably not. We’ll see.

093. Santa Claus – Good man.

094. Say 'I love you' on the first date – That may be jumping the gun just a tad.

095. Kiss on the first date – Guilty.

096. Hold hands on the first date – Also guilty.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? – There is indeed. I miss her crazily.

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? – I am

099. Do you believe in God? – Nah

100. If you feel like it, post as 100 truths and tag 10 people including who tagged you. Or tag no one. Or everyone. But that would take a while.

So that’s my survey! Casey, I hope we hear from you tomorrow!

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