Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday loves her kids

Hello, girls! It’s Monday!

And a huge thanks to all our guests last week! It was great to hear from some new folks. In place of my usual responses, I shall respond to you!

Kate - Why on earth would I go to Matthew when you’re the far more interesting sibling? Glad to hear New Hampshire is living up to the hype. Say hi to Ken and the kids for me.

Matthew - Thanks, big brother. :)

Alexander - I always love reading people’s defenses of things they enjoy. I haven’t seen much of  Kevin Smith’s work – the excessive cursing puts me off a bit, I’ll admit – but I have enjoyed what I’ve seen. But I agree with you that movies should be judged on their own merit, not just on the merit of their directors or stars. Your attitude toward “Good for a Kevin Smith movie” seems very similar to my “Good for a kids’ show” in youth theatre! Anyway, it was good to hear from you!

Meghan - Omnovia just doesn’t translate to well to text, does it? The stories, yes. The accent, no. Welcome to the hardships of your histogriopher. And how dare you say I am not technically inclined! I can build things! I can handle a drill competently I can . . . put screws in things and – and paint, and . . . shut up, I only drilled through your shoe once.

Kim - It was great to hear from one of our most avid commenters! :) I hear you on Harry Potter, and I, too, am loving being in my twenties!

Now, then. JAB week is upon us, and I . . . have very little to say (I know, I know. For once, yeah?).           

I was going to talk about what a frustrating week I’ve had, because I had and I felt the need to blow off some steam. It hasn’t been a bad week, not really, but it’s been a frustrating and disappoint one.

My classes started this past weekend, and while I don’t and would never gauge the success of the classes by how large they are, I think in my head, I was anticipating the same turnout I got last semester. I taught 30 students in four classes. But this semester, I have only 15. They’re 15 great kids, but it was only half of what I’d planned for, and I had to scrape, scrounge, and beg to get that many. And I’m happy, willing, and desirous to teach as many students as want to learn from me, but fewer students means less money, and while I’m not in this for the money, the more money I make on the classes, the less need I have to find a fourth job, etc, etc, etc.

So there was that on my plate, and the financial worries that went with it, and other money stuff I won’t bore you with, and then the beating up of myself for being so materialistically concerned, etc, etc, etc.

And then I spent the morning stressing and prepping for the launch of our newest project, a monthly drama club that I’m responsible for. And I was short on people, and I didn’t know how many kids were going to show up, and then we only had nine, which was a bit of a blow, and it was all just kinda piling on me and piling on me —

But then, on the way home, the close friend of mine who had been my co-instructor at the drama club and was giving me a ride said something that changed my whole day. He turned to me and said, “You know, Cassie, I just want to say that I loved watching you do what you love today. I’m always honored when I get a chance like that, and it made my day.”

Because of course he was write. I did spend the day doing what I love. And I spent the weekend doing what I love. And yeah, there were some setbacks involved with that this week, but in the past three days, I’ve spent a good eight hours teaching my kids, my students, and watching them grow, even just the slightest bit, as actors. I lost sight of that for a while today. But I am doing what I love, and I am incredibly lucky to be able to say so.

My kids don’t read this blog that I know of, but I want to thank them all the same, because they surprise me with their creativity and they astound me with their talent and they blow me away with their enthusiasm. And I will sit in cemeteries with them and I will sit through three-hour-long performances of books that really shouldn’t be adapted into plays for them and I will take a fourth job if I have to, as long as I can keep working with and teaching to and learning from these kids of mine.

That’s all. I’ll see you all next week, challenge projects in hand.

Monday out.

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