Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday here, with an update

First off for anyone who watches Luke Conard's videos, you might recognize my title today. I don't know why, that just popped into my head and I then felt the need to explain it to everyone and here we are. (That's how he starts of his videos, except replace Friday with Luke.)

ANYWAY before I jump into my fears, I'll talk about my punishment. Okay, I ended up watching Never Say Never (the Justin Bieber movie). Here's the thing though... I didn't hate it. I actually kind of, sort of enjoyed watching it... heh, yeah. He was adorable in it, okay?! Stop judging me!! *hides* And the crazy fangirls provided endless amusement, of course. (I am actually scared for his safety after seeing the crazy eyes on some of them...) Well, anyway, given the apparent lack of actual punishment in what was supposed to be a punishment, I'm going to watch another horrible movie and this time I'll make sure that I hate it. This should be much easier to fit in now seeing as how today was my last day working in the lab! It was sad to leave the office for the last time, though I know I'll be back in a year or so to visit. It won't be the same though. It was actually time to say bye to my college town today too. It hadn't completely felt like I'd graduated yet since I was still living and working there all summer, but now all my ties are actually cut. Driving home today was an odd feeling.

Now then... what am I afraid of? I was excited to see that this was the week's topic because I knew I'd have no trouble at all thinking of something to talk about. My friends reading this already know what I'm going to say, I'm sure. Moths. I HATE moths. Not just hate, but am terrified of them. I'm not that fond of butterflies either, but I don't run away from them okay, I actually might run away from them too. Let me clarify, I don't like butterflies or moths, but moths are the terrifying ones (butterflies are merely scary). It's just the way they move and flutter around and they're slightly fuzzy and have creepy eyes on their wings and OISDJFOAISJDFKSDLFKALDSFJLADF. I'm creeping myself out just thinking about it. I feel like a moth's going to come attack me at any moment. So yes, I have a phobia of moths: mottephobia to be specific. I just googled that to make sure I was spelling it right and what popped up? A PICTURE OF A MOTH. WHY. WHY.

I'm not sure why I'm scared of moths, though I think it has something to do with the huge light on my aunt's porch that attracts hordes of moths at night time. My aunt lives in very rural Massachusetts right next to a forest with bears. I was afraid to go outside her house at night because I was convinced that I would be attacked by a bear. And what else was outside her house at night? A light surrounded by huge moths. I have a suspicion that my fear of going out there at night was transferred to the moths and I'm now afraid of moths. But I mean, c'mon, they're also just completely creepy, right? Right?

You guys might remember the video that Hank posted a few videos ago of those dead butterflies in the river? Yeah, that video was like a living nightmare to me. Especially because I also thought they were just flowers floating in the river at first and then the terrifying truth hit me and I physically recoiled from my laptop and may have said quite loudly "WHY. WHY. NO. NO. NO. THAT'S NOT GOOD. WHY." And then it got even worse... he started showing videos of living, moving butterflies. Eeuuurrgggh. Most terrifying vlogbrothers video to date.

Oh, and Ron? I would MUCH rather follow the spiders than the butterflies.


  1. We just need to put you in your special place to conquer your fear and you'll surely be cured in no time.