Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday is patrolling the 'nets for a cheap rental

Kim: Thanks for blogging! It seems like you fit in pretty well with the crowd here : )

Cassie: You do love those kids. And they love you. And it shows. Dear Readers: Cassie is hella dedicated to her theater and her kids. You’ve never seen passion like this. Trust me.

Alexandra: What a lovely wedding locale! Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the uniqueness. I am delighted for you! What a smiling occasion.

So this week is JAB week. For me, this means I’m going to complain somewhat about my car.

I’m going to start two weeks in the future and work backwards. But first a couple details.

So, my dear guest blogger/girlfriend Meghan and I are from hometowns about ten minutes apart (though we met 2.5 hours west of that, in college). Additionally, we have three siblings between the two of us, all born in one three-year span. And they all go to the same university an hour south of our co-hometown-area, one each in freshman, sophomore, and junior years. This all combines to make visits home heinously convenient.

Except when my car breaks down.

This doesn’t happen too often, but it always tends to be at the most inconvenient times.

Say, for example, Meghan were invited to a wedding in Cleveland very near our co-hometown-area. This wedding might be in a week and a half, and I might be attending as her plus-one.

Say this also presented a perfect opportunity to go home and visit our families, whom we don’t often get to see.

Say ALSO that I planned to visit my collegehometown this weekend (a week before the wedding trip), maybe see my delightful girlfriend, maybe go apple picking, spend time with friends, get a wedding-preparation haircut and color from the one person I’ve trusted in years to get near my hair with scissors…

Now say I talked about this in front of my car, who took it as an impetus to refuse to start.

Come hell or high water, I WILL be in Cornfieldville, Ohio by midnight tomorrow. But it will probably be in the company of a AAA-discounted rental car.


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