Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Thursday Can Change Your Life...but this one probably won't

First off, let me apologize for how late this post is, and how bad it will be because I'm typing by the seat of my pants. I suppose the thing about me that would surprise most people is the fact that I have a tattoo. Growing up I was always a little bit nerdy; hanging out by myself with a book in hand. However, I am a closeted bad ass. Granted, my tattoo isn't really that cool (think Deathly Hallows symbol with lines added to make a peace sign, with 42 inserted inside, with stars at the points of the triangle, both sides flanked by penguin profiles, and at the bottom, the word "Serenity" which is a state of being as well as a bad ass sci-fi movie), but most people seem so surprised when I mention it. I think all of the people who I went to high school with would probably be surprised to find out that I joined the National Guard (for all you haters out there, don't be dissing on us weekend warriors 'cause we're the ones who help out when floods and tornadoes rip your worlds apart) because I vehemently swore to never join the military up until the day I called a recruiter (March 17, 2009 for the curious; the same day I realized that my scholarships and potential loans wouldn't cover even one semester at the private college of my choosing, which, even after receiving military benefits, remained out of reach for my meager earnings). I tend to do the things that people least expect me to do, mostly because one of my biggest fears is being boring. This fear led me to start watching more movies (so that I could talk pop culture), dip into the Star Wars and Star Trek cults (which I love), and become a Nerdfighter. In a weird way, I'm doing my best to be popular, except I'm doing it by becoming that person you like hanging out with but are also slightly weirded out by (I'm even weirded out by me sometimes). I like books that others either don't like or just don't pay any attention to, such as this great book I randomly bought from Borders called Publish This Book by Stephen Markley (a book about publishing the very book you are reading; every bit as hilarious as you would think this concept to be, and at times, weirdly touching, hitting very close to home to anybody who ever wanted to be somebody in the writing world. And done with my book plug). I still like the Jonas Brothers, and the horrible atrociousness that is the song Friday (although, this might be due to Hank Green's video "Ice Cream Changes"). Who knows, sooner or later hating Justin Beiber will be so popular that I'll start liking him purely for a change of pace. I am a very contradictory person. I can be really happy but also deeply sad as well. I can be this really weird nerd, but somehow very few people find it in themselves to hate me completely. Including myself. Now, I shall answer my own question. I am very passionate about the right of humans to act like humans. This means that we shouldn't deny others the right to marry, the right to be buried without a protest, the right to choose what they believe to be best for them, or the right to be themselves without judgement. In summary, I'm pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, and anti-bigots who protest the funerals of soldiers because they don't believe someone who has done a service for their country deserves rest. We need to hurry up and do soapbox week because I'm finding it harder each week to not burst into furious rant. Last week I answered the patronus question, my answer being: Raven. Now, I'll take the oppurtunity to explain my reasoning. Firstly, that's the answer I got from quizilla. Secondly, I agreed with the answer's reasoning (I'm not sure exactly what it said, since it was so long ago, but this is my best summary of it). Basically, ravens are well known in lore for being clever, fairly solitary creatures. I like to imagine myself as clever (I'm very good with witty bantor and "That's what she/he said" jokes), and I tend to hang out with myself alot (so much that most of my day to day speaking falls upon my own ears and even I think I sound lonely). Sorry if this post seems short, but I'm sorta just winging it here so I don't have to write a limerick on how much I love Justin Beiber or something like that (good punishment idea right there!). And again, sorry it's coming so late. I know how all of you wait with bated breath for every word of intelligence and inside that rolls off of my keyboard and into your hearts. Did I mention I'm sarcastic? NEXT!!!!

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