Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday in my pants!

It’s already Friday again! It was very interesting to read all your Nerdfighter stories- everyone seems to have a slightly different story of how they became a Nerdfighter. I’d say my story most closely resembles Alexandra’s; I just gradually and naturally found my way here.

I am a new Nerdfighter, circa late 2010 (around November, I think, though I don’t know exactly when the transformation into awesome occurred). I did, however, have several near-Nerdfighter experiences before I was finally pulled in. I’ve been a regular youtube viewer for four years now (I started subbing and regularly watching people in late 2006/early 2007, my senior year of high school). If memory serves correctly, I first started watching TheHill88. Through Caitlin I found boh3m3, smpfilms (Mr. Safety!), and communitychannel. Caitlin and Natalie (communitychannel if you don’t follow her) are the only two from my originals that I still sub. In July of 2007 I had my first near-Nerdfighter experience and I bet if you guys take a look at the date you can probably figure out what it was. Hank’s video “Accio Deathly Hallows” was featured on the front page and being Harry Potter obsessed I naturally clicked on it and watched. It was awesome and thus it followed that the guy who made it was awesome. I learned enough about Hank and John to know that they were two brothers who were communicating through vlog for a year, but for some unexplainable reason I didn’t start watching them. I remember considering it a few times, I just never did. I really wish I had, but at least I’m here now!

So I missed my first chance of realizing my Nerdfighter potential, but hope was not lost! I’m not sure how I found Nerimon, but I somehow did; this was probably a few months after I first really got into youtube. From Alex, I found Charlie and for a couple years my subscriptions stayed the same. It wasn’t until the end of last year that I found Hayley (I’ll admit it, it was Charlie’s song that led me to her, but I’m so happy it did). Hayley finally brought me to Hank and John (and Kristina and Kayley) and this time it stuck. I started watching their current videos and was hooked; I went back to the beginning and I’ve been slowly working my way through all their videos for the last few months. I only have a few videos left of Brotherhood 2.0 and then I (yay!) still have three more years of videos to watch. Not long after I started considering myself a Nerdfighter, Your Pants opened (it will never get old) and now here we all are!

There you go, a (not so eloquent) explanation of how I became a Nerdfighter! I’ve “watched” youtube for four years now, but I’ve never made videos. I considered it occasionally, but was just never into it enough to completely go through with it. Because of that I didn’t feel completely connected to Nerdfighteria- until now!

Now for the questions!

What really makes my blood boil… when people are homophobic, don’t “believe” in gay rights, or some other variation of those ideologies. I get incoherent when confronted with someone like that to the point that I sometimes can’t even really say anything because I just cannot comprehend how they could feel that way. A little anecdote: I once told my roommate’s boyfriend-at-the-time that he was a complete idiot (this is a nicer version) because he said he didn’t support gay marriage.

My patronus animal… as unoriginal as it is, it’s totally a cat. I could claim it to be some other animal, but I would be fooling myself. It’s so a cat. Besides my being a complete cat person, I feel like I also embody the cat attitude, if that makes sense. I often envy my cats, they really have a great life of having people to feed and rub them while they’re able to just lie around in the sun.

What do I want to see you guys write about? At the moment I’m interested in hearing what you guys have to say about friendship. Do you have best friends, how long have you had them, talk about making friends in college, etc.

And I’m posting this JUST on time!

Edit: Just a little edit after the fact (Now that I think about it, are these allowed? How do we feel about this?) because I realized that next time I talk to you guys, I'll be 22! I've been told that the 22nd birthday is the first birthday that's a bit of a let down excitement-wise. I'm not doing much on my actual birthday because I will be working on my thesis nonstop now until next Friday, but next weekend some friends are visiting and we shall be going out- exciting! Okay, that's all. Goodbye 21-year old me.

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  1. What exactly is a Nerdfighter? It just occured to me that there must be some connection between you bloggers and whatever this Nerdfighting thing is.

    A cat is not an shameful thing to be. Who doesn't love McGonagall?