Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DFTIW: Don't Forget That It's Wednesday!


Casey: I’ve found myself to be something of a people apologist, as well. Do you ever find that it gets frustrating? Every once in a while, I think it would be really nice to just sincerely dislike someone without having to rationalize myself out of it!

Christina: Happy almost-birthday! And happy almost-graduation, too. I’m suffering from a similar denial of things soon to come, though I don’t have a thesis to worry about! Your topic genuinely sounds quite interesting; I look forward to hearing more about it in the future. Also, I love your tombstone words. They seem to me very serene and un-harshly conclusive.

To answer Christina’s question (“What is the biggest difference between you now and you a year ago?), I have delved into the archives of my online journal. A year ago, I was posting about my recent Facebook faux-engagement (a good friend and I were both sick of being single, so we faked an engagement that actually convinced my great-aunt [who has no business being on Facebook]). Since then… man. What has happened since then?

I think that now, far more than a year ago, I am both more certain of the future and more comfortable with the uncertainty the future inherently holds. I’ve changed my major, applied and been accepted to graduate school, and made plans that I’d be okay with changing. I still have no idea what I actually want to do with myself or where I want to be in five years, but I do know that it’ll be a life that I’m excited about living. That’s all I really want, anyway. A year ago I wasn’t nearly this okay with stuff.

Cassie: We’re outed! It’s true, folks, Cassie and I are friends in real life. But we’ve only recently become friends, and I think this is a very good format to get to know each other (and everyone else, of course!).

To answer Cassie’s question (“What topics do you want to write about/want to read others’ thoughts about?”), I’m afraid I won’t be able to be very specific! I am an actively curious person, at all times. I want to know everyone’s thoughts on everything, why they think those things, whether they’ve always thought those things, whether their thoughts will change… it goes on and on. I guess the thing I’m most looking forward to learning about life is people’s thoughts about themselves and how they fit into the worlds the inhabit. I think I made the right choice with social psychology :)

Alexandra: I’m a casual YouTuber as well. It’s always fun to log in every once in a while and spend a few hours catching up on some favorites! Also, I agree with your thoughts on the Nerdfighteria community. I feel like it’s something that can be appreciated without full immersion, and on many levels. And if y’all have read Cassie’s comment to Alexandra’s post, I think she is correct about BGSU being the nexus of the universe… It’s a commonality for all mankind, it would seem.

Nerdfighteria, and how I got involved with it… Well, I first heard the term “nerdfighter” when I was accidentally eavesdropping on a conversation between two of my friends who were talking nearby while I did homework. One was excited to have learned the identity of her Little Sister in our music fraternity, and exclaimed, “And she’s a NERDFIGHTER!! It’s meant to be!”

“A what?” I looked up from my calc homework.

“A nerdfighter! Oh, Carlyn, you’d totally love it. It’s from these videos that these brothers made, and they say things like ‘french the llama!’ and ‘DFTBA’—which stands for Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, of course.”

Well, it sounded ridiculous and right up my alley, so I spent the next few hours at home watching the John and Hank essentials. Though I haven’t watched much more since that initial event, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the Nerdfighteria culture. It’s something not to be found elsewhere, as I’m sure you can all attest.

My question for everybody (assuming we’re all HP-versed): What’s your patronus animal?

Pleasant blogging!

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