Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiny Chicken Disease Tuesday!

It was nice to meet you all! It'll be fun blogging with you. :)

Nerdfighteria was not something I was instantly immersed in. I am a casual YouTube watcher. I subscribed to a lot of the big name YouTubers perhaps three or four years ago: sxephil, vlogbrothers, Fred, etc. I unsubscribed from the ones I didn't like, and kept watching the ones I did. I subscribed to the people those vloggers like, and eventually formed the network I watch now. So, for me, I can't even say when I started watching the videos. I can't say for sure when I even started to care about Nerdfighteria.

I bought An Abundance of Katherines on a whim, noticing John Green's name. I'm not into YA literature, but I knew he was a YouTuber, and I'll support an internet celebrity if I can. While it would never be a favorite of mine, it was certainly the most enjoyable piece of young adult fiction I had read. I got a bit more interested in the brothers, and started watching their archives. As a writer, John in particular was of interest to me because he had the rare vlog about writing. I never liked his other books, but 'Katherines' held a special place in my heart. I guess around now is when you would call me a fan, at least of John.

Hank is a different story. I don't like the acoustic guitar + singing about nerdy things combo much. I'm a metalhead, and while the subject matter might mean something to me... I wasn't going to be heading over to iTunes to grab the CD anytime soon, either. And science has always been my least favorite subject - I was always more of a Math and English sort of girl. But I watched his videos, if only for the sake of continuity, and he grew on me. I liked him as a person, even if I never really got very into his videos.

If there was a charity, I would donate. I liked and commented during Project for Awesome. I even started to get involved with the community, particularly once 'Your Pants' launched and it was easy to do so. But I do feel a bit alienated sometimes. I don't like Paper Towns, I don't own This Machine Pwns N00bs, and I don't get involved in projects like the recent 'Gussie Manlove' incident. I love the community, I love what Nerdfighteria is, where it comes from, and what we can do.

As for your questions:

I think I'd like my gravestone to say "She died young." I feel like I answered Christina's question rather thoroughly in my original post, but I guess the biggest difference is that I am generally happier now. College life, not having anyone close, it was stressful. Being out of college now and in a relationship has done wonders for me, and even though things still get tough, I feel like I have some support. And as for topics, I can't say I have much of a preference. As a cook and a writer, anything to do with food and books is certainly preferable. And of course I'm a Harry Potter nerd. :P Slytherin FTW.

Incidentally, my best friend is a student at BGSU.


  1. Wow, this blog is very BGSU-dominated! I'm also not very into Hank's music. I'll watch his music videos and enjoy the songs, but I don't rewatch them and I don't listen to his music outside of the vlogs. Sometimes I feel a little shunned if I admit that I don't love all the music put out by DFTBA!

  2. I have a theory that the whole world is actually connected through BGSU, because every time I tell someone where I went to school, I hear "I went there" or "My dad went there" or "my best friend went there." Six degrees of separation or something. . . :)

  3. Maybe you're right because I didn't have any connection before, but now I can say, "Some of my blog friends went there!"