Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday is a crafter and grocery connoisseur

Christina: There is a lot to be said for Liz Lemon. She is awesome.

Cassie: Good luck with the props! And the next 25 books ; )

Alexandra: I love the word “turophile.” Props for being one and knowing it!

As for my wallet and me, we spend too much of ourselves at various places. Like Cassie, I am an absolute sucker for office supply stores and Hobby Lobby. Oh, Hobby Lobby… That place has everything. Am I making jewelry for an upcoming wedding? Oh, look! Beads are on sale! I will buy ALL THE BEADS. Am I foraying into horticulture via baby spider plants from my girlfriend’s mother’s gigantic plant? Oh, look! Fun-colored flower pots! I will buy ALL THE FLOWER POTS. Has Meghan made the mistake of introducing me to Sculpey polymer clay, the most fun art thing ever? Oh, look! Every color and tool imaginable! I will buy ALL THE SCULPEY. I could go on. Believe me. Right now, I am working on a wedding commission for which I will earn about $100. I have spent over $200 in supplies already (though I get to keep the supplies I don’t use, which should help me actually make a profit).

And groceries. Oh boy, groceries. I cook for only myself (while the cat eats Senior Cat Cat Food [which I find hilarious—Old Man Cat Food oughta be a brand name]), and I don’t cook terribly often, but I somehow find a way to spent over $100 every time I go grocery shopping. This last trip, a good half of that was taken up with stocking up on the supply of cards (birthday, thank-you, encouragement, congratulations) I keep on hand to send when momentous occasions happen and three bottles (again, to stock up) of face moisturizer. I do perhaps more than my fair share of stocking up on things when I have the money, and this tends to get me in slightly large grocery bills.

The place where I do most of my impulse shopping is online. I’m a year-round Christmas shopper (I’ve been mostly done since August), and find myself in the clearance section of many a cool online store before I can blink twice. My wish list is filled with dozens of 75¢ books that I didn’t let myself buy just yet, for instance, and I’ve been known to spend $50 just on interesting-looking books from the bargain bin. In fact, after I post this, I think I’m going to do a little shopping before hitting the (text)books and going to bed.

I think this is about the longest post I’ve had in a while! Hope everyone and your loved ones are doing well.

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