Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday . . . has nothing to talk about . . .

Hi girls! It's Monday!

And I . . . have nothing to talk about.

See, last week, I had to write a short post because I was in the midst of a prop-making, costume collecting frenzy, freaking out about whether or not my students were going to actually be memorized for the production, but they performed on Saturday, and all three classes did wonderfully. The audience loved them, and I always love to watch students do so well after putting in so much work.

And now, my schedule of obligations is pretty much wide and clear until the week before Christmas, when I go to several different Christmas celebrations with several different groups of people. So I'm in the process of crafting and purchasing and delivering my Christmas gifts.

The Project for Awesome is coming up, and while I'm not making a video myself, I did help with both my brothers', which means I spent the evening helping to brush, straighten, and French braid my little brother's hair.

Let me explain. My little brother has hair. A lot of hair. It's dark and long and bushy and curly. And he spends a decent amount of his time looking kinda like a hobo caveman Jesus. Well, last year, he decided to blog every day for a year, agreeing to be punished if he missed days. He missed six, and the punishment decided on was that his hair would be brushed, straightened, and French braided. His charity is Locks of Love, and all this will be on YouTube this weekend. I'll post a link next Monday.

Hmm . . . what else? I hit my book goal at the beginning of the month. Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan was my 125th book of the year. My boyfriend challenged me to hit 150 by the end of the year, so I'm attempting to read 25 books in the next 19 days. Well, 20 actually, as I'm five in. If I make it, I get a yet-to-be-decided reward.

Yeah . . . not much else to talk about. Sorry about the randomness of this blog . . . Christina, as a reminder, the next three weeks are yours for topics!

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