Friday, December 16, 2011

Coming to you from... America!

This is a very good week to have JAB because I am back home for the holidays! I got back last night at 6:30, promptly passed out in my lovely bed at 8:30, slept for nearly 12 hours, and have (so it seems, fingers crossed) evaded jet lag! Well, I say I've evaded jet lag, but I am still very, very tired (part of me still feels like it's 1:00 am), so this will have to be a short update.

I love being back in America. Don't get me wrong, France is fine and all, but living there has made me realize just how wonderful America really is. All the space! The restaurants! The ease of everything! (I acknowledge this is because I grew up here.) And all the space! Today I made my own breakfast, baked chocolate banana bread, watched Fellowship of the Ring extended edition special features, had Swedish meatballs for dinner, and saw my friends. It was a great day. :) I also got to just sit on a couch, read, and relax. I only ever get to do that in France if I'm visiting my family friends in Paris and even then I don't get to read or do whatever I want because I'm talking with them (which is enjoyable, but you get my point). It's so nice to just be able to stretch out on a couch.

Living in France is a great experience and I get to travel and see new countries, but I am also really looking forward to being back home for longer than two weeks. This experience has made me realize that I want to live in America and, more importantly, near family and friends. When I was younger I used to think about moving to France, but I now know that that life direction is not for me. I'm not miserable over there, but it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life. America does have many, many problems, but it is, overall, a great place and I'm glad to be back.

Oh, and Cassie I will think of topics and get those to you tomorrow!


  1. Do we have a topic for this week?

  2. Sorry, I just sent you an email! I thought today was Sunday and just realized it's Monday and panicked. I need to remember to still look at calendars while on vacation...