Sunday, November 20, 2011

... Whoops

Okay, I suck. Working internet and all (my own connection is finally working!) and I missed my blogging day. Here's the deal: I was in Paris over the weekend visiting my friend and having (early) Thanksgiving with her family and totally forgot to blog before I left. I remembered when I was there, but it was too late at that point. I'm sorry!

So, yes.... I suppose a punishment is in order, right? Sigh.

JAB time! Well, like I said, this weekend I was in Paris visiting my friend and her family. We've known each other our whole lives, so they're a bit like extended family at this point. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Saturday with their family, another family they're friends with, and me. It was great to be with good friends and have a cozy, homey Thanksgiving. And I enjoyed spending quality time with good friends. Also! I got to help bake a cake and apple pies. I've really missed baking, so that just made the whole weekend even better.

Things have been on a considerable up-turn on this side of the Atlantic! In the future I now refer to last Tuesday the 15th as "The Day When Everything Started Working." It was miraculous. For the past month or so France and I have been in a battle, with France very much winning. Sign up and pay for internet? Nope, doesn't work for a month. Send in immigration papers to be here legally? Still hadn't gotten appointment yet. Name spelled wrong on important work document? Oh, we won't send you the fixed copy for a month. Your cafeteria meal card doesn't work? We can't fix it until next week, just scavenge until then! 

Then, the week before last, it seemed that things were starting to look up- I got my meal card fixed and could eat in the cafeteria again! And then suddenly, The Day When Everything Started Working! Last Tuesday I got my fixed work paper with my name correctly spelled! I talked to the immigration office and found out my appointment was in enough time for me to go home (legally) for Christmas!! And a technician from the phone company came and properly installed my internet! It was a glorious day.

I will ignore the fact that the phone technician showed up without any appointment, just called me and said he was downstairs and could I let him in. Umm... okay, sure, I went with it. I got a phone call the next day telling me a technician was going to come by. Yupp, the company was really on top of that one. BUT it is okay, everything is good now. Everything is working! 

So, in conclusion, things are going well over here in France. And I will be visiting home in less than a month for Christmas! Some of the things I'm looking forward to doing: seeing my family and friends, petting my cat, baking cookies, cooking in a real kitchen, driving a car, eating an American breakfast, lying on my couch and watching tv. I can't wait.

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