Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Has a Stereotypical Genius for a Friend

He's a fun guy. Quirky, intelligent - at least when it comes to the subjects he loves. He's good with electronics and arts and crafts, and he's built some great stuff. But when it comes to things that are less interesting to him, less of an expertise, he does occasionally remind me of the mad movie scientist who only has room in his brain for what he needs to work. He's texted me asking what cereal he should buy, in spite of the fact that we do not live together and rarely interacted with one another before dinner. What could I offer him besides my personal favourite cereals, which he may or may not like?

I've edited his essays, and for someone as intelligent as he is, they can be... well, NaNoWriMo started thirty minutes ago, and I am rushing to write this so I can get my Word document formatted for the morning, and this is far more comprehensible and grammatically correct than anything of his that I've worked with. He asks questions about very... simple topics. Usually English questions, since he knows literature is my area of expertise, but as I said, I've gotten questions ranging from the mundaneness of breakfast to questions about the non-existence of God (via text, I might add, so I had 160 characters to discuss the topic).

He is, at times, whimsically incompetent, and at other times, fascinatingly brilliant.

And that's all you're getting from me today, because I don't know if I want to write in Arial or Times New Roman and I need some sleep before I write out the first encounter of Olwen and company. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! I spent it eating treats and watching Eight Legged Freaks (great film).

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