Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday IS a spreadsheet

Christina: Welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Cassie: Yay, Guion candy! Also, yay Oklahoma! Also, yay NaNo! And finally, yay Deliverance! She is wonderful. And you are telling her story well.

Alexandra: What a brilliant world! I have incredible admiration for all the complexities of that kind of writing. Amazing.

I’m not involved with NaNo, except for hearing and being excited about y’all’s involvement.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing.

So far this semester, for my first four graduate-level classes, I have written about thirty papers and outlines of various persuasions, totaling over 300 double-spaced pages and more than 60,000 words. Grad school means writing. Lots of it (though probably no more than you all are used to writing for various purposes).

To count this, I have dorkily set up a spreadsheet of all my papers and documents. And no, this is not the dorkiest thing I have ever done with Excel.

Also not the dorkiest thing I have ever done with Excel: Set up a layout for my eventual Dream House on Sims. And no, not the Sims you play on your computer. We’re talking Facebook Sims Social. Really bad.

The dorkiest thing I have ever done with Excel, you ask?


I was halfway done with Pokémon Gold for Gameboy Color (which I was playing on my Advance and never actually finished) when one day I decided that I needed a spreadsheet of every single Pokémon in my collection.

Complete with species, name, date obtained, method of attainment (caught, traded, hatched, etc.), moves, and every single other statistic imaginable.

I spent hours on this spreadsheet.

And I never found a single use for it, as the Gyrados in that one lake eluded me until I got too annoyed to continue.

And that, children, is my story of how Excel can be used for powers of Dorkiness.

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