Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Has Mostly Been Working on a World

Yeah, I've just been chilling. Kind of on-off with NaNo, but I've been writing a lot this month, which is all that matters. Interesting character dynamics in my novel. Margarita, an asexual, is in an arranged marriage with Fyodor, a homosexual, and is pregnant with his child - but they're on the run (they were Tsar and Tsaritsa) along with Fyodor's lover (and one of the lords) in the sewer system, basically. They sort of become a family, but a very strange and dysfunctional one. They all love each other, and their child more importantly (which Nikolai, Fyodor's lover, considers as much his as the others), so it... works.

But that's not really what my passion's been for this past month. My passion has been a worldbuilding project, #soundworld (that's a collection of notes on the subject). I can't recall how much I've mentioned and I'm tired as hell (I've been up all night), so I'm not looking it up, but the basic premise is that sound (and on a deeper level, math) is magic. Music, in turn, is how one can produce the more interesting magic of the world. Been building up everything, but the real kick here comes in what I want to write. Short story anthologies that span the world's past, present, future. I'm a sucker for fantasy, and that means history, so I want the religion and bad medicine and sexism and all that comes with it... but I really want a modern fantasy world. Even a futuristic fantasy world.

So I'm developing the changes over time in everything. Civilizations rise and fall, languages diverge, religions disappear, music - noise, soundwaves - are understood. Different species learn to communicate. The nature of some of the world's mysteries are discovered. I want to write different types of stories. Drama, comedy, action, erotica - I have an idea for a typical fantasy story about a floating city that's doomed to collapse, I have an idea for a Canterbury Tales-esque collection of travellers on a long train ride through the desert, I have an idea for a romance between a single father and a medic. And as I develop all of them, more of the intricacies of the world open up. It takes a lot of fine tuning to match everything I want, and I want to write everything before I consider publishing any of it. I hate stories with too much retconing, you know? But I'm excited about this project, and it's been a while since I felt that.

I like it, as well, because I can draw influence from a thousand places and never really lose anything or bundle up too much. I want to draw in a bit of Lovecraft, so I just stick it in the future. I have these creatures, the Soundless, whose origins are oft debated and speculated upon in the world, and finally in the distant future, they discover that they are people who solved the wrong equations, changed reality. Like, fundamentally altered their realities. To the point where it takes eons to reverse it, because you need to use math to change it again, but math itself is different. 2 + 2 = 3, man.

Other, general updates:

  • Someone take Team Fortress 2 away from me, I can't write with this on my computer.
  • Skyrim looks nice, but do you know what was released on the same day?
  • I will have no life for the next month, TBQH.
  • New Professor Layton and new Legend of Zelda, too.
  • And then I am going to go to Florida.
  • JSYK, I am graciously accepting my punishment now because hahahano if you think I am going to update on the 27th. That's my last day at Disney World (I leave on the 21st), and aside from being on a plane for about 10 hours of that, I want to enjoy a nice fancy lunch at Epcot and get a good nap in before the painful plane ride.

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